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GaN Systems Expands its Asia Presence with 3X Growth

GaN Systems' new office campus is in the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, recognized as the center of semiconductor innovation and home to many of the world's leaders in advanced technology.

GaN Systems has expanded its Asia presence with a 3X increase in its operations in Taiwan. With a 3X growth in revenue from the many consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and data centers & industrial power supply producers embracing GaN Systems power transistors, more people and space were necessary.

GaN Systems Asia GrowthGaN Systems’ new office campus at Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, recognized as the center of semiconductor innovation, headquarters to GaN Systems’ foundry partner TSMC, and home to many world leaders in advanced technology.

“We’re excited to expand our Asian footprint in Taiwan to accommodate GaN Systems’ rapid growth,” said Stephen Coates, Vice President, Global Operations and General Manager, Asia. “GaN Systems has grown tremendously, driven by the rapid adoption of GaN in consumer, industrial and automotive electronics. Our campus in Taiwan scales up our manufacturing, product and module design, and innovation footprint and expands support for our global customers and business partners. This 3X expansion demonstrates our commitment to Asia and to supporting the continued growth of Taiwan’s semiconductor ecosystem.”

GaN Systems’ new office campus is in the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, recognized as the center of semiconductor innovation and home to many of the world’s leaders in advanced technology.

It is also headquarters to GaN Systems’ foundry partner, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world’s largest dedicated independent (pure-play) semiconductor foundry.

The new office center in Taiwan, GaN System’s Asia-based headquarters, which opened with a few employees in 2015, has grown by more than 10X and will exceed 100 employees in the coming year.

The space features a state-of-the-art research and design center with dedicated subject matter experts in the design and system validation of solutions for customers in several markets, including mobile phones, laptop P.C.s, data center power supplies, and automotive E.V. powertrain electronics.

The enlarged R&D team will expand GaN Systems’ industry-leading lineup of high-performance transistors and high-power modules and build upon its extensive range of reference designs for 65W, 100W, and 250W phone and computer chargers P.F.C., DCDC, and inverter designs for higher power markets.

Acceleration of the growth in Asia continues with the addition of Andy Chuang, GaN Systems’ Vice President of Business Development.

Chuang, based in the new Taiwan office, brings decades of wideband gap experience to the GaN Systems’ team. Incremental to the expansion in Taiwan, GaN Systems’ presence in Asia is also growing with success in India in e-mobility with applications in the two, three, and four-wheeler E.V. segments.


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