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GCR New IoT Solutions Set To Transform Education System

GCR provides various IoT solutions for the education vertical; Interactive Display, Student Tracking, School ERP, Digital Signage, and more

Amod Phadke GCR
Amod Phadke, Director – Sales and Marketing, GCR.

GCR announces to take a step forward to enhance the Educational industry by offering various IoT solutions for the Educational institution.  GCR will provide Interactive Display to increase student Interaction and learning experience.
GCR through its ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) solution to streamline the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses; Digital Signage.

The next-gen ERP solution allows centrally controlled, content distribution platform enabling one to playback digital content on one or many displays/noticeboard/screens,  LMS(Learning Management System), a cloud-based e-learning platform that facilitates learning, delivery, measurement and management of any learning programs; Cloud-based AV Conference for seamless virtual classroom allowing participants to login from any location using any device on internet.

GCR also offers Campus Tracking Solution which includes Asset Tracking, Library Management, People Tracking (students, teachers and staffs), and School Bus Tracking in order to maintain and not compromise on the security of students. Every solution which GCR offers for the Education vertical is SaaS connected solutions.

“The Education vertical of India is the future of our country. When every other vertical is pacing towards digitization, this particular sector should also get a fair and square chance to up their game. Internet of Things (IoT), is slowly but surely revolutionising the Education Industry globally. We at GCR strive to achieve solutions for every sector including Education; such that we are able to do our part for digitization of our country” quoted Amod Phadke, Director – Sales and Marketing, GCR.

With these, Some Education institutions use it to control data as well as save money, whereas some use it to make students and classroom sessions highly tech-literate.

“In exploring who would be best to implement the IoT based technology for the AV system, we reviewed several options. We decided upon GCR, an online Partners Platform, who offers various IoT based solutions for various sectors. GCR assisted us to evaluate various AV system options and then tailor-made it to the needs of our school’s extensive list of learning programs. GCR’s team ensured successful configuration of AV solution at our school to support critical and high-tech school learning sessions”, said P B Shyam – President, Trigyn.

“Interactive SmartBoards and Digital Highlighters are one of the booming IoT based devices in the field of education. This can boost, simplify and make the learning experience more interactive by viewing, responding and sharing learnings. Therefore, using these devices, our students sitting in their classrooms can interact with teachers and students worldwide” said Dhananjay Wakode, Managing Director, Benchmark Solutions.

GCR’s Partner Platform touts to enable end-customers, System Integrators, and Solutions Providers to avail complete technical and commercial information. The platform further lends a supporting hand towards GCR’s venture to uplift the education vertical of India.

“In this innovative scenario, our Partners Platform has all the advanced IoT Solutions and solutions which complement IoT Solutions, providing reasonable and practical tech products for teachers, administrators, and students such that they can match and benefit from the changing technology”, added Amod Phadke.


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