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Gemalto to Provide Biometric Non-Contact Bank Card Pilot to Joint São Paulo Bank in Italy

Gemalto Gemalto announced that it will provide the first MasterCard biometric contactless bank card to Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy’s largest banking group.

The pilot, launched by United São Paulo Bank and MasterCard, is the first to test EMV contactless biometric bank cards in Europe. Consumers simply place the card on any POS terminal and authorize the transaction and complete the payment via fingerprints, combining the convenient user experience with advanced cardholder authentication. In addition, this bank card is powered by the POS terminal without the need for a battery, so there is no limit to the number of transactions.

The Key Features of the Contactless Bank Card include

  • Enhanced contactless payment for existing end systems

The card is compatible with existing EMV POS terminals, and merchants can easily get a more perfect shopping experience without the need to upgrade existing hardware or software. For card issuers, this technology helps to identify and prevent fraud, increase approval rates, reduce operating costs, and foster customer loyalty.

  • Safe and secure on-site fingerprint registration

Gemalto’s solutions include secure on-site fingerprint registration at designated locations, and future users can even complete fingerprint registration at home. To ensure privacy, biometric data is stored on the card rather than on the bank’s server. Personal data is encrypted and stored securely and securely on the card to further enhance security.

Bertrand Knopf, executive vice president of Gemalto Bank and Payments, said, “Consumers are quickly recognizing that the combination of non-contact technology and biometrics has the power to eliminate security concerns in the payment transaction process. We are very happy Collaborating with United São Paulo Bank and MasterCard in groundbreaking projects to provide consumers with convenient security through EMV bank cards with biometric sensors. “

Cinzia Bruzzone, Retail Manager of the Bank of São Paulo, commented, “We are proud to be able to anticipate and promote innovative technologies in daily banking and to take the lead in piloting such bank cards in Italy, with relevant technologies to bring significant tangible benefits to consumers. Benefits. The joint St. Paul Bank-MasterCard pilot project was supported by the Mercury Payment System and was inseparable from Gemalto’s contribution. Gemalto provided the technology needed for this new biometric bank card and stored fingerprints in a secure chip-the necessary tool. “

The first pilot of the United Sao Paulo Bank will be launched in Turin, Milan, and Rome, with a planned duration of 16 weeks.

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