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German Data Centres en route to be in fine fettle!

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BERLIN, GERMANY: A fresh report released by TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd ) entitled Data Center Pricing Germany – 2014 to 2019 – studies the markets on the rise meant for data centers in Germany, that co – incidentally happens to be the second largest market in Europe – with over 4,41,000 square metres of space in total – with stable and increasing rack space pricing.

The upsurge in pricing is taking place in spite of the escalation concerning new German data center space. Data center raised floor space capacity is buckled up en route for an increase that too by an average of 30,000 square metres per annum in excess of the next five year period, with new data center space being familiarized by specialist providers including Interxion, followed by E-Shelter and T-Systems.

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New developments are being coxswained by wholesale and Premium data center build outs. Granting the fact that, the German data center market remains fragmented with facilities in most major cities, the largest city stands tall in the form of Frankfurt, which from its barrio endures to account for 43 per cent of data center space as far as the country is concerned.

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Average German standard retail rack space pricing is forecast to proliferate from Euro 762 per month (as of the end of Fiscal 2014) up to Euro 805 (as of the end of Fiscal 2019). The German market has a extensive range of rack space pricing – “with rates ranging from Euro 351 per month up to Euro 1,899 per month.”


Premium priced data centers customarily have a comprehensive range of connectivity options and direct connection to the German Internet Exchange (DE-CIX) and can cater for a wide range of power densities, and are mainly centered in the Frankfurt area.

But then again there remain a wide number of local data center facilities in each German city, which characteristically offer rack space pricing from Euro 300 up to Euro 400 per month lowering the market average. Even though rack space pricing can be low, the local provider ever so often charges an additional monthly charge (of around Euro 20 per 0.1 kW), which typically outweighs the monthly rental cost of the housing.

Conversely, German data centers have seen the introduction of more rational pricing with the gradual waning in profile-raising valuing, which has augmented the market average. The institution of new-fangled, high specification data center space is also being used to substantiate higher price points.


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