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German scientists develop new software against cyber attacks

cyber attacks

Cyber-attacks are becoming a rage and many people fall prey to such attacks. Internet security is becoming one of the major concerns. Realising the seriousness of this issue a group of German scientists from the Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM) has developed software, which can stop five western intelligence agencies using the Hacienda software (a port scanning program) to identify vulnerable servers across the world in order to control them and use them for their own purposes. These port scanning programmes look out for systems that consist of exhibit potential vulnerabilities on the internet.

As per a report published by Heise Online, the Hacienda is being put into service by the “Five Eyes,” a federation of the secret services of the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The scientists at the university feel that, the aim is to notify as many servers as possible in other countries that can be remotely controlled. The researchers have also developed defence software named ‘TCP Stealth’. This will prevent identification of systems through both Hacienda and similar cyberattack software and, as a result, the undirected and massive takeover of computers worldwide.

The scientist also reveals that, a connection is established amongst the user and the server through the use of the so-called Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). After this, the user’s computer first has to identify itself to a service by sending a data packet to the server. “This is the user asking, ‘Are you there?’”. Soon after this the service replies back within this response alone, there is often information transmitted that adversaries can use for an attack. This new software developed by the researchers work on the idea that, there exists a number that is only known to the client computer and the server. If the token is not right then the system will not answer and the service will appear to be dead. The scientists also feel that, the software has immense potential and higher protection capabilities.


Heena Gupta

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