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Get TI’s Low-Power DP83TC811S-Q1 Transceiver for Automotive Electronics, ADAS Applications from Mouser

Mouser ElectronicsMouser Electronics is now stocking the DP83TC811S-Q1 transceiver from Texas Instruments (TI). The AEC-Q100 qualified DP83TC811S-Q1 is an automotive Ethernet physical layer (PHY) transceiver that allows designers to introduce increased intelligence to automotive applications through Ethernet connectivity. The first 100BASE-T1 device to support serial gigabit media independent interface (SGMII), the DP83TC811S-Q1 is suitable for use in automotive body electronics, infotainment and cluster, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications.

Exclusive at Mouser Electronics, The TI DP83TC811S-Q1 Offers:

  • A 100-Mbps single-pair Ethernet PHY transceiver with SGMII, which improves design flexibility by enabling connections to multiple switches and interfaces.
  • The transceiver features low power consumption, which reduces thermal dissipation, allowing less space required between components.
  • The robust DP83TC811S-Q1 transceiver also includes a physical medium dependent (PMD) filter and termination, MII terminators and power-supply filtering components, reducing the need for external circuitry. Because of this high level of integration, developers gain more space to incorporate additional features, allowing for flexible design of high-performance automotive applications.
  • The TI DP83TC811S-Q1 automotive transceiver features an integrated diagnostic toolkit, incorporating test modes and debug tools through a number of real-time monitoring functions.
  • The diagnostic toolkit includes cable diagnostics, temperature and voltage sensors, and an electrostatic discharge (ESD) monitor, facilitating designs that can withstand high-voltage faults and ESD events.

The DP83TC811S-Q1 transceiver is compliant with the IEEE 802.3bw standard and OPEN Alliance qualification, enabling the use of unshielded single twisted-pair copper cable, which reduces overall cable weight and cost. The device’s small 6mm × 6mm wettable flank package enables a 50-percent smaller solution size while also allowing a visual indicator of solderability to lower inspection time.

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