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Global Shutter Image Sensors for Machine Vision Applications

ams-osram-mira220-sensor-350x350Mouser Electronics has stocked the Mira220 global shutter sensors from ams OSRAM. These sensors give design engineers 2D and 3D solutions for industrial machine vision applications like mobile facial authentication, smart home appliances, QR readers, AR/VR, drones, smart wearable devices, structured light vision and more.

The Mira220 2. -megapixel global shutter image sensors support on-chip operations like external triggering, windowing, and both horizontal and vertical mirroring with an effective resolution of 1600 (H) x 1400 (V) at a maximum frame rate of 90 fps at 12-bit depth. The Mira220’s advanced back-side illumination (BSI) technology stacks the sensor layer on top of the digital/readout layer. This design results in a chip-scale package with a footprint of just 5.3 mm × 5.3 mm, giving manufacturers greater freedom to optimize the design of space-constrained products such as smart glasses and VR headsets. The Mira220 also features very high sensitivity and quantum efficiency with a pixel size of 2.79 μm and is supplied in a 1/2.7” optical format.

The Mira220 features very low power consumption, with only 4 mW required in sleep mode, 40 mW in idle mode, and 350 mW at full resolution with 90 fps. By providing for low system power consumption, the Mira220 enables wearable and portable device manufacturers to save space by specifying a smaller battery, or to extend run-time between charges. The ams OSRAM Mira220 sensors utilize the MIPI CSI-2® interface for easy interaction with processors and FPGAs, with on-chip registers that can be accessed via the standard I2C interface for easy sensor configuration.

The ams OSRAM Mira220 global shutter image sensors are supported by the JetCis evaluation system, also available at Mouser. The JetCis evaluation system features an open development platform based on Linux running on the nVidia® Jetson Nano embedded system.


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