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GlobalFoundries, Bosch Strategic Move Towards ADAS

GlobalAmerica-based Semiconductor Company, GlobalFoundries (GF) is making an aggressive move to grow its stature in the automotive sector specifically in the ADAS segment. Earlier this year, for expanding its manufacturing capacities across the world, GlobalFoundries announced investment of $1.4 billion.  According to Reuters, this money will be divided between GlobalFoundries’ sites in Dresden, Malta (New York) and Singapore.

If we see the last year’s growth, GlobalFoundries had earned approx. $5.7 billion revenue in 2020 and now they are planning to grow its revenue by 9% to 10% year-over-year as a result of unprecedented demand in 2021.

Alongside, in order to provide secure and reliable supply of semiconductor solutions, GlobalFoundries has also signed a deal with U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). These semiconductor chips will be used in some of the DoD’s most sensitive applications for land, air, sea, and space systems.

Now, GlobalFoundries (GF) has announced a strategic collaboration with Bosch to co-develop mmWave automotive radar SoC (system on a chip) for ADAS applications (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Under this agreement, Bosch’s plans to integrate GF’s 22FDX RF solution inside its next generation mmWave automotive radar SoCs, targeted for availability in the second half of this year. The way 22FDX in a Radar application works, in essence, is as a wireless system that pings off of surroundings—receiving a reflection of the signal that was transmitted.

According to Oliver Wolst, Bosch’s Senior Vice President in charge of its Integrated Circuit business, Bosch tapped GlobalFoundries for its proven industry leadership in RF and mmWave technology. On the other side of the partnership, Mike Hogan, GF’s senior vice president and GM of its Automotive, Industrial and Multi-market division, cited Bosch’s reputation for top-quality automotive solutions as motivation for the partnership.

Not only that, GlobalFoundries has also partnered with Compound Photonics to manufacture IntelliPix™, CP’s microdisplay technology platform.


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