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Google launches new range of Chrome devices in India

Google has launched a new range of Chrome devices in India, including Chromebooks for businesses and Chromebox for meetings. Google announced a number of new Chromebook models by new OEMs like Xolo and Nexian – XOLO Chromebook and Nexian Air Chromebook, both priced at Rs 12,999.

Google Chrome

Google is helping bring the productivity benefits of Chrome OS to work with the launch of Chromebooks for Businesses and Chromebox for meetings. With this, the global tech giant offering users the best of modern applications on the web, with security, easy central management and other features designed for today’s organizations.

While launching the new range, Smita Hashim, Global Product Manager, Chrome OS said, “When we introduced Chromebooks four years ago, we wanted to build a laptop for the way people  use  computers  today  ­  always  fast,  easy  to  use,  and  secure  by  default.  Since launching Chromebooks in India, we’ve been working to ensure that Chromebooks work in an environment  where  connectivity  can  be  spotty,  and  many  people’s  first experiences  with technology are through a phone rather than a laptop.”

Chromebox for Meetings brings together Hangouts, Google Apps, making it simple for any company to conduct high-definition video meetings/conferences. The Chromebox will be priced at Rs 90,000 and will be manufactured by Asus for India.

On the education front, according to IDC’s report on tablets and laptops in K­12 education, Chromebooks are the best­selling device in the U.S. last year, as they help teachers and students get straight down to learning. Hence, these latest Chromebooks are available for Indian schools and educational institutions with built-in security, virus protection and many more useful features.

In addition to this, Google is also in discussions with the Arunachal Pradesh government to run a pilot project for deploying Chromebook laptops for school students.



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