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GTPL Networks deploys STMicroelectronics chipsets for Set -Top -Boxes

GTPL Networks

STMicroelectronics has revealed that its STi5197 SD chipset and STiH273 HD cable chipset has been deployed by GTPL Networks, the leading multi-system operator. The company selected ST’s STiH273 (Palma) for HD zappers and STi5197 for SD zappers. The firm opted for the service in order to deliver better user experience and foster its growth by increasing its subscriber base. Both the chipsets are powerful enough to deliver high performance as far as the Indian cable network is concerned.

Along with this the chipsets are capable of providing improved processing engine and they further simplify the designing process of set top boxes. This will lead to deduction in the cost invested in manufacturing STBs. Commenting of the deployment, Guru Prasad V, Sr. Vice President, Technology, GTPL Networks said, “The digital migration story still has a long time to run. We see a strong market requirement for both standard-definition & high-definition set-top boxes. Our new set-top boxes leverage ST’s feature-packed and flexible System-on-Chip ICs, providing an ideal platform for us to deliver innovative value-added services to our customers. The STiH273 and STi5197 SoCs are clearly the right choices for our latest generation of set-top boxes with the right power, versatility, and features to meet our market needs. With ST’s SoCs, we are well placed to drive digital migration and to bring high-quality digital TV solutions to our customers.”

“As a leading cable MSO in India, GTPL is playing a critical role in the digitization that is enabling modernization and radical transformation and ST is proud to contribute to this strategic intent. This important design win confirms the competitiveness of our product offering, which enables ST to deliver customized solutions for any specific set-top box market, and emphasizes our commitment to support strategic and fast-growing emerging markets through local resources, such as the ST Greater Noida research and development center”, said Vivek Sharma, Vice President, Greater China and South Asia region, and Director, India Design Center, STMicroelectronics.

The STi5197 has witnessed success with more than 20 million deployments in Indian homes serviced by cable. While the STi5197 delivers high-quality video, USB PVR-Lite support, and innovative security schemes.


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