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GW Instek Introduces New ASR-3000 Series Power Supply

GW Instek has unveiled a new programmable AC and DC power supply – the ASR-3000 series, augmenting the existing GW Instek AC power supply family.

GW Instek When designing products, engineers often need to simulate the power states of various countries in the world and they also need to quickly complete the quantification of inrush current when the product is started.

More importantly, it is crucial to seamlessly convert the output from AC to DC to avoid product downtime problems. The new ASR-3000 series will assist engineers in solving the above practical test and measurement problems to expedite the product launch process.

GW Instek AC power supply family includes the APS-7000/7000E series and the ASR-2000/3000 series. APS-7000 was specially designed based upon four considerations to strengthen the requirements of various power simulation applications.

For the grid-connected application of new energy, it can conditionally accept reverse current, supports 600V test requirements, supports small current measurement from 2mA to 35A.

The economical 7000E series with price advantage solves the budget issue. The ASR-2000/3000 series has specially incorporated the DC mode to improve the slow response speed of the DC power supply. Engineers can choose different models according to their needs.

The ASR-3000 series has three models, including ASR-3200 (2kVA), ASR-3300 (3kVA), and ASR-3400 (4kVA). The main application market is for the energy-saving applications of IDC computer rooms. Other than AC input, the server power supply also has HVDC input.

ASR-3000 can fully meet the test requirements of AC and HVDC input. At the same time, it also complies with ODCC (Open Data Center Committee) Project Scorpio standards to expand the scope of engineer product design testing.

Other application markets include household appliances, business equipment, medical equipment, vehicle-mounted chargers, UPS and other test applications. The brand-new functional design of the ASR-3000 series meets the needs of the market and will give engineers a different testing experience from the past.


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