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GW Instek Unveils New PPX Series DC Power Supply

GW Instek has released new PPX series programmable high-precision linear DC power supply.

GW InstekStephen Wu, Director of the Operations Development Department of the First Sales Department of GW Instek said that “Expensive DUTs cannot afford to be damaged by low-cost power supplies and the power supply must have the capability of protecting the DUT and itself to maximize the output value.” The PPX series provides a full spectrum of protective measures, including overvoltage protection (OVP), overcurrent protection (OCP), front panel operation (key Lock), AC output abnormal alarm (AC Alarm), under-voltage limit (UVL), overheat protection (OTP) to facilitate engineers in improving the safety, stability and high accuracy of electronic measurements to quickly complete the product design process.

GW Instek has adopted a new design with four levels of current measurement resolutions (0.1μA, 1μA, 10μA, 0.1mA) and two levels of best voltage measurement resolutions (0.1mV, 1mV).

Furthermore, the series is the world’s first DC power supply equipped with the temperature measurement function to provide a simpler solution for reliable measurements.

Other than the low ripple (350uVrms) and fast transient response characteristics (<50μs) of conventional linear power supplies, the PPX series also provides a constant current priority output mode, which can set the rising/falling slew rates of voltage and current separately, and output delay time can be turned on and off.

The PPX series can also utilize the Data Logger function to store the measurement records on the USB flash drive for long-term measurement and recording of IoT devices, portable devices, wearable devices, sensor components, etc.

The series can also assist engineers to complete automatic testing in an instant. As long as users have the skills of Excel, sequence editing can be easily done.

In addition to voltage and current measurement, the PPX series is the world’s first DC power supply equipped with the temperature measurement function. While collocating with a K Type Thermocouple, the temperature range can be measured from -200°C to +1372°C, which provides users with a whole new excellent measurement experience.


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