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GW Instek Unveils New GPP Series of DC Power Supplies

GW Instek has introduced the brand new GPP-3060 and GPP-6030 triple channel linear programmable DC power supplies, to augment the GPP series with these extended models.

GW InstekGPP-3060 and GPP-6030 provide a maximum output power of 385W and reach the range of 120V/3A, 60V/6A, or 30V/12A after the channels are connected in series and parallel.

Cooper Liu, Product Manager of GW Instek’s signal source R&D department, indicated the electronic load function provided by the GPP series and the use of internal circuits to directly switch between series and parallel outputs are all to solve the subtle needs of engineers in power measurement.

The series will provide scientific research and experimental testing, battery charging and discharging testing, electronic component measurement, and 3C electronic product measurement with the power measurement advantage of “charging and discharging at will, two birds with one stone”.

GPP-3060/6030 has four major product advantages:

  1. CH1/CH2 can be the power supply or electronic load. A single unit of the GPP series can simultaneously have one channel as the power output, and the other channel as the load function to consume the power of the DUT, which satisfies a single power supply for simple basic battery charging and discharging or load characteristic tests.
  2. Pure, fast and high resolution. GPP-3060 and GPP-6030 inherit the high program resolution (1mV/0.1mA) and read back resolution (0.1mV/0.1mA) of the GPP series with low-ripple noise characteristics ≦1mVrms/≦2mArms and ≦100µs output transient recovery ability, which is the best choice for battery charging and discharging simulation test.
  3. Thoughtful time-saving design, series and parallel automatic tracking/automatic wiring. Dual-channel applications include series, parallel, and provide positive/negative voltage. Through the automatic tracking function (Tracking), it can automatically switch to series or parallel output without additional external wiring, which not only saves wiring time but also provides stable voltage/current outputs.
  4. Provide intensive measurement protections. The GPP series utilized hardware circuits to implement the OVP/OCP/OTP mechanism. Compared with competitors who use software to achieve protection, the series has the advantage of faster response time.

The series will bring a brand-new power measurement experience for engineers in the growing automotive electronics and semiconductor testing fields.


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