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Halonix is Delivering its Efficient, Energy Saving & Environment Friendly LED Lights to All Corners of India.

Rakesh Zutshi

Lighting Solutions for Transportation & Infrastructures need a comprehensive approach. In a candid conversation, Rakesh Zutshi, Managing Director of Halonix, lays down the way Halonix is working to bring various Transport and Infrastructure LED lightings that do more than just illuminating cities across India.

  1. LED Lightings for transport becoming a phenomenon worldwide. What are the few benefits it has over the traditional lightings used for transportation systems?

Ans: LED lightings have numerous benefits over their traditional counterparts. Among them, the most striking benefits include their high-quality illumination, higher endurance, and longer lifespan. Since LED lights offer a high level of energy savings and greater manipulations they are used worldwide in intelligent transportation systems. It is due to their compatibility with intelligent transport systems, LED lightings have become a growing phenomenon worldwide.

  1. What are few of the prominent trends of the LED lighting for Transportation and Infrastructure?

Ans: During the recent years the demand for LED lighting for transportation systems has increased manifolds. Simultaneously, the increase in infrastructure development projects along with the growing adoption of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions in them have together created a win-win situation for the LED lighting industry. Currently in this particular segment customized LED lighting products, smart LEDs and non-visible LED light applications are much in demand and the manufacturers are engaged in diversifying their products accordingly.

  1. As said earlier, LED lightings for transportation and infrastructure needs a holistic approach. Can you elaborate on the safety standards of these lightings?

Ans: LED lightings, especially the smart LED lightings are playing a major role in making the smart cities projects a success.  Apart from cutting energy costs, these LED lights also allow the operators to control and monitor lights individually or in groups using light management systems and lighting controls, enabled by the internet of things (IoT). Similarly, in these smart cities transportation systems are also managed through IoT controlled smart LED lights.  However while IoT offers efficiency and convenience, it always remains susceptible to the threats that computers hackers and online predators pose. It is therefore foolproof security measures which include multiple layers of online protection, authentication and encryption are required to prevent breaches and lower cyber risks.

  1. With the airports and major cities opting for trendy LED lights over traditional lights, India has seen major steps towards creating smart cities. Is there anything else that the Govt, is doing for the mission?

Ans:  While the government’s smart cities mission has opened doors of immense possibilities for the LED lighting manufacturers, it has also done truly a commendable job by introducing many schemes like LED bulb distribution under domestic efficient lighting programme in Delhi, National Programme for LED-based Home and Street Lighting, besides distributing free LED lights in rural area.  Consequently, the demand for LED lights is growing at a robust pace in the country. Halonix is committed to fulfill the swiftly growing demand for LED lighting products in the country by contributing its bit to transform India into a global manufacturing hub for superior, but economical LED products. At Halonix, we believe that high energy saving, long life, low costs, modular designs, and ease of use are some of the potential drivers that will boost the adoption of LED lighting under various program and schemes launched and run by the Government currently.

  1. Any product offerings that you would like to introduce or talk about specifically designed for the Transportation & Infrastructure segment

Ans: Through its pan-India distribution and service capabilities, Halonix is seamlessly delivering its efficient, energy saving and environment-friendly LED lights to all corners of India. Moreover, using its expertise with all the latest emerging technologies Halonix has transformed the lighting at some of the largest airports, railway stations, roads and highways, retail stores, offices, and factories as a turnkey solution.  Driven by make in India and make for India since its inception, Halonix is India’s 1st lighting brand to get Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification for its spectacular range of LED Street lights.

  1. How has your company been working behind the scenes to connect lighting to other improvements in urban life?

Ans:  Aimed at boosting the growth in technology and innovations in the LED segment, Halonix has already expanded its unparalleled ability to develop test and deploy lighting solutions relevant and suitable for Indian conditions. As part of our efforts towards bringing improvements in urban life, we had recently run a campaign on women safety under which we had contributed in offering our services in illuminating dark spots in the city.  We are also supplying our LED lights in Indian railways, airport authority of India, different PSUs and MCDs across the country. Moreover, Halonix takes pride in illuminating the country’s largest tricolor on the tallest flag post near Attari Border. Halonix also plans to play a key role in supplying its smart lighting solutions for Smart Cities Development projects across the country. In a nutshell, Halonix strives to meet each and every customer’s requirements and improve the quality of urban life by offering high-quality lighting solutions.

Fuelled by technological innovations and inclination towards clean and green energy solutions, LEDs deliver high efficiency and help reduce energy prices. India has fast adopted the technology due to the growing need for electricity conservation and insufficiency in electricity production. As compared to traditional lighting systems, LEDs have a longer life cycle, use 50 percent less electricity, and do not require any maintenance. Also, LEDs use 100 percent of the electrical energy to produce light as compared to incandescent bulbs that convert 80 percent into heat and only 20 percent into light.

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