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Wind River enabling Aero and Defence Transformation

Guruprasad MP
Guruprasad MP | Head of A&D sales | Wind River India

Scooping towards Connect and Connectivity has put Innovators of the industry to denote new ‘Application Theories’. To the most critical areas of technology advancement like the ‘Aerospace and Defence’ sector – has underpinned evident participation bringing immense level of continence. Harping from the industry’s mouth, it is the competitive design, technology, skill and services to bring the spin-off though the afterword speaks for a unified strategy.

The computing heavyweight for embedded devices – Windriver has kept the ace in the hole on developing intelligent connected systems. Discoursing on its range of offerings and company’s stature into this sector, Guruprasad MP | Head of A&D sales | Wind River India shares the critical aspects and challenges in this impulsive Network Centric Warfare evolution. Edited Excerpts.

A&D companies have been successfully implementing sensors and computerized automation for decades in their manufacturing operations and products. How do you involve IoT to redefine the future of this connected demand?

Networks of intelligent devices having M2M interactions without human interaction is not something new to A&D industry. They have had it for decades and have harnessed them very effectively.

IoT is all about collecting data from many different sources, transporting it securely, analysing the data and derive information for timely and intelligent decision making. The challenge lies in integrating a plethora of dissimilar systems into a single secure network.

Connected systems are already playing significant role in some of the aerospace systems globally. For example, some of the leading avionics systems providers are harnessing weather data from many aircrafts in real-time to determine the most economical routing for aircrafts. Similarly, there are systems deployed in the predictive maintenance arena for strategic systems that significantly reduces down time. The key to successful implantation is the availability of underlying enabling building blocks.

Wind River Helix portfolio of products provides edge-to-tactical cloud solution encompassing all the requirements of Network Centric Warfare. This allows customers to bring unconnected deployed devices into the same network alongside latest generation of intelligent edge devices and thereby enabling them to derive value from valuable information which they have not been able to harness so far and there-by quickly scale their network.

Fully integrated solutions from the light-weight secure operating system at the edge to a high availability server hosting the tactical cloud enables us to address a wide range of applications such as Battlefield Management, Home Land Security, Advanced Situational Awareness, Border Surveillance, Military and Civil aircraft predictive maintenance, Equipment Inventory and Supply chain efficiency management etc.

What are your strategies and portfolio to drive the connected combat in the A&D space?

Wind River being a key part of Intel’s IoT strategy provides customers with a benefit of diverse applications and the depth of implementation experience.

Wind River’s IoT strategy is centred on our Helix Solution, we are extending our success in the industrial market to A&D applications. With Helix solution, we envision a Network Centric Warfare environment which can encompass diverse edge devices and data sources into a single tactical cloud providing commanders a complete view of the combat landscape.

Our portfolio for the Network Centric Warfare application includes lightweight secure fail-safe operating system at the edge, connectivity agents, intelligent hubs and gateways, secure networking infrastructure, fail-safe servers for the tactical cloud infrastructure, centralized remote device management.  In addition, Wind River also offers consulting and professional services to clients for network architecture and solution delivery.

Taking India on picture, connectivity is to play an undeniable role in this myriad geography amidst when the warfare equipment’s calls mere networking architectures in acute situations. Your comments.

In the hands of right people, information can be as deadly as the deadliest weapons. So, communication really holds the key to winning any battle particularly now that the battles are fought more from command centres than on the field. In the Indian scenario, which uses a variety of dated communication systems, the problem is even more complex. The existing network is mostly voice based and low bandwidth data channels which are being overhauled with the upcoming TCS and BMS programs which call for significantly high bandwidth.

Tactical communication systems and Battle Field Management systems coming into play will provide Indian army a great opportunity to harness the benefits of IoT technologies to build a comprehensive Network Centric Warfare system. Wind River envisions to participate in these programs alongside leading system integrators to provide the backbone for the network. We see an immense potential to share some of our experience in participating in similar programs worldwide with our partners in India and enable them to deliver a world class solution to the Indian army.

For such networks, data security is paramount. Wind River’s Helix Solution provides cloud based environment that removes traditional complexities of building embedded things for IoT. In addition, our Titanium Server product line which provides carrier grade 99.9999 availability is a very good fit for hosting the tactical clouds which need such high availability.

 A major concern is on standardized high-rel and security driven products. How is the company striding to deliver a secure ecosystem to their customers?

Wind River has been a major player in providing solutions for strategic and tactical computing infrastructure globally. Particularly for high reliability applications, Wind River provides secure operating systems with Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) which comply to some of the stringent security standards globally. Such operating systems for critical computing infrastructure enable multiple software components with different security levels, or from different domains, to safely and securely share the same hardware platform. Being part of the Intel organization with McAfee allows us to provide a wide spectrum of security solutions to our customers.

Any strategic decisions to expand your physical footprint in India?

India is one of the key growing markets for Wind River and particularly with the government’s Make In India initiative and all the new provisions the government is making for the A&D industry, we see a significant growth for our business. We are open to deploy resources as and when required to support the needs of the market and service our customers in India.



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