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HBK Releases New Optical Interrogator MXFS

HBK has revealed a new optical interrogator – the MXFS – which provides incredible stability against external influences and a high-sensor capacity of 128 channels per device, which is ideal for engineers carrying out measurements within unpredictable environments, such as construction sites or laboratories.

HBKMXFS is a fiber Bragg grating measurement device, based on the BraggMETER technology, that is integrated with HBK’s QuantumX platform. Fibre Bragg grating sensors are easy to install, electromagnetically safe and suitable for use on long structures or remote locations, for example, pipelines or bridges.

The flexible device can be used as a single module for tasks including pantograph monitoring of trains.

It can also be combined with other data QuantumX devices, to form a larger system, for complex projects requiring synchronized measurements from different sensor technology and integrated into systems with the most common communication protocols, which are required on long term monitoring projects, such as wind turbines – or for battery testing and validation.

MXFS is fully compatible with all modules from the QuantumX series: common API, LabView drivers and catman software.


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