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HBM Introduces MCS10 Multicomponent Sensor

HBM’s MCS10 Multicomponent Sensor has up to six forces and moments on three axes (x, y, z), which can be measured in combination. This means that the MCS10 is ideally suited for mechanical engineering usage, in test benches, and also in research and development. It returns a three-dimensional image of the measurement set-up with a maximum precision up to accuracy class 0.1.

HBMIndividual signal channels of common multi-axis sensors often mutually affect each other. The MCS10 reduces this type of interference, known as crosstalk, to a minimum to ensure a problem-free signal.

HBM also offers an individual compensation matrix for the MCS10, which can be used to further improve the precision. Combined with an HBM measuring amplifier this calculation can be done very comfortably.

Thanks to TEDS technology the installed data acquisition unit automatically detects the MCS10. This ensures that it is ready for immediate use without extensive parameterization. All the transducer’s measurement axis can be configured independently of each other. HBM has combined the experience from numerous custom-made special transducers in the MCS10, while adding a standard product’s reliability and flexibility; for a series production product that is immediately available and quality-tested.


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