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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare Sector

Healthcare-sectorThe role of artificial intelligence in healthcare sector is huge. There are numbers of tasks, which is now unchallenging for healthcare sector, like: diagnosing patients, end-to-end drug discovery and development, improving communication between physician and patient, transcribing medical documents, such as prescriptions, and remotely treating patients, etc. these revolutionary tasks are now simplified in  the healthcare sector because of vigorous adoption of artificial intelligence. Medical science is changing its landscape in a dynamic order. And complementing this healthcare sector at large has been the adoption of technological equipment. During covid-19 pandemic, technology played a vital role and the adoption rate grew drastically. During corona pandemic healthcare sector has started following artificial intelligence more often. Because in today’s time, computers showcase smarter work than any human’s mind. Due to safety and security reasons and in order to manage numbers of patients in one go, healthcare sector requires more advancement.

The founder and CEO, IAMAI HealthTech Committee Prashant Tandon says to a news portal, that the widespread adoption of technology in Healthcare will bring about a paradigm shift in access to healthcare wherever there has been a gap.

The need of artificial intelligence in healthcare sector is major, nowadays, but there are some loopholes also. An algorithm plays the most important role in such tasks. They have to be fully synchronized with the medical practices. Why? Because even though these algorithms can meaningfully impact medicine and bolster the power of medical interventions, there are numerous regulatory concerns that need addressing first.

What is AI algorithm?

Algorithm is the backbone of artificial intelligence. It is known as a set of rules, which has been set up by humans in AI programs to help it learn on its own. As good and proper you set an algorithm in AI you will get best results, accordingly.

How can algorithm become intelligent for healthcare sector?

A medical student require a lot of studies and degrees, also medical practices for becoming a professional doctor, so similarly if you plan to use Artificial intelligence in healthcare sector you have to make a smart algorithm which can work as professionally as a doctor does.

AIFor making an AI algorithm, the person needs to set a data which is typically structured, meaning that each data point has a label or annotation that is recognizable to the algorithm.

A 2020 study found that AI algorithms and deep learning were able to diagnose breast cancer at a higher rate than 11 pathologists.

Job Creation for healthcare sector using AI

According to few people, the use of AI may reduce the job opportunity. But, also few people say that it will be the new set of employment opportunities for the coming generation. The creation of automation may impact jobs but it anyhow will be operated by professionals only.

As, AI continues to evolve in healthcare, there would be more jobs created for new skill sets, it is being integrated in healthcare organisations to assist with care provision, not replace it. Moreover, experts believe that such technologies will be an important contributor to better decision making and not necessarily replacement, said Vishal Talwar, the Dean of School of Management, — BML Munjal University, to Business Insider.

The requirement of AI in Healthcare sector

The healthcare sector in India is huge as it caters to a population of 1.4 billion. The improvement in the quality of treatment and advancement will require more time to achieve.

But, if we get proper AI treatment in healthcare sector, so the remote areas will be able to get medical healthcare from top professionals.

AI-in-medicalThe normal tasks, like scheduling or tracking medical inventory can be left up to algorithms, reducing the costs of running day to day business.

Healthcare sector is aggressively making investments in AI after the covid pandemic. According to a survey by Deloitte, nearly 3 in 4 healthcare organizations said they expect to increase their AI funding, with executives citing making processes more efficient as the top outcome they are trying to achieve with AI.


For making healthcare sector stronger in India, we need to have a future doctors and medical specialists to evaluate and interpret AI systems that they would encounter in times ahead. The upcoming time will see the tremendous growth in terms of the acceptance of AI in healthcare sector.


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