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Heilind Electronics Distributes Thermocouple Sensors from TE

Heilind announced that it is releasing TE Connectivity’s recently launched thermocouple sensors. The sensors consist of two dissimilar metals, joined together at one end. This junction is where the temperature is measured. A small voltage is produced by the two metals, which can be measured and interpreted by a control system. The dissimilar metals are individually insulated, and an overcoat is present to maintain an intimate bifilar configuration.

Heilind thermocouple sensorsTE’s thermocouple sensors and assemblies available from Heilind are offered in a variety of standard styles to fit a wide range of applications. Class 1 thermocouples are built according to IEC584. Custom thermocouple solutions are available. The Heilind’s supplier offers decades of experience designing and manufacturing custom sensing solutions.

The devices have wide operating temperature range and relatively constant sensitivity over their entire range. It has industry standard output signals and most popular alloy types are available. Wide range of sizes available, from micro to heavy industrial. Metal sheathing and industrial connection head options. Full range of motor/generator and plastic industry styles.

As an authorized distributor for TE Connectivity, Heilind Asia provides TE’s products and also value-added services.


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