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Heilind Electronics Avails Amphenol Industrial Gray Zinc Nickel Connectors

Heilind Electronics recently introduced Amphenol Industrial’s Gray Zinc Nickel (ZnNi) circular connectors, a RoHS-compliant alternative to traditional harsh environment connectors

Heilind Electronics

Heilind Electronics is now stocking Amphenol Industrial Gray Zinc Nickel (ZnNi) circular connectors. Heilind Electronics is the authorized distributor of Amphenol Industrial.

Amphenol Industrial’s connectors, now available from Heilind, is comprised of gray zinc over electroless nickel, gray ZnNi plating is a RoHS-compliant and cadmium-free alternative to standard plating options. Additionally, it is non-magnetic and results in no significant galvanic reaction when mated with electroless nickel, olive drab cadmium or black zinc nickel-plated connectors.

Like its traditional counterparts, ZnNi plating also offers superior performance in harsh environments – including extremely high corrosion resistance, <2.5 m ohm conductivity and a -65 degrees Celsius to +200 degrees Celsius operating temperature range.

The Key Application of the Gray Zinc Nickel (ZnNi) circular connectors now available with Heilind include

  • Marine Crafts,
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Power Generation
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment.

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