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Helping Telcos Choose a Lucrative 5G Site in India

5G is the new leapfrog in telecommunications and the impact of 5G will be witnessed all over. 5G determines not just the future of the Internet but will help in the technologies and buzz word like IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0, Cloud and what not to define digital transformation.

5G Network

Withal its massive criticality and sophistication of 5G, determining a suitable site for 5G cells brings more complex than selecting a site for 3G or 4G.

Due to the extensive technological sophistication of 5G, selecting a site for 5G cells requires certain amenities when compared to selecting a site for 3G or 4G.

5G is expensive! Though, telecoms may not have finalized the rates at which they will offer the technology to the end consumer. It makes good business sense to invest in the area which houses an affluent population.

With the need of 50 times more antenna locations than 3G or 4G, 5G signals are powerful but they are unable to travel far and wide like its previous incarnations.

Not concentrating at a single location, 5G cells are wide-spread on different locations.

In case of a network breakdown issues, users can continue to get efficient services.

Since the 5G network cells would be evenly distributed in a large area, it’s important to select a location.

Population Classification

5G signals do not travel as far as current radio frequencies do. Therefore, in order to maximize the network coverage, one needs to install in huge population areas. Telecom companies will need the distribution of those areas on the map. Using Location Intelligence companies can figure out the area which has the desired population composition. Apart from this, telecoms will also like to enumerate high Point of Interest ( POI) areas.

Identifying potential clients

In a short span of time existing and new customers should get the benefit of 5G connectivity, hence it becomes challenging. Telecom operators can take the help of Location technology to identify people who would be most interested in upgrading from 4G and focus on that target group initially.


5G is expected to add unlicensed frequencies such as the 3.5 GHz to its list of new frequencies for mobile use.

Ahead marketing plans from telecom companies are evitable. Telcos need to visualize points of interest on a map to factor in these kinds of areas with high demand while selecting their cell sites. Another crucial factor for ensuring round-the-clock high-speed connectivity is the location of the cell site. Cells do require maintenance and regular inspections, and hence the location should be one that is neither congested nor too inaccessible. Manually making a list of these locations can prove to be a cumbersome task since global telecom operators would not be acquainted with every region and there would be chances of margins of error. Regional regulations and laws also play a big role in mainstreaming of any technology.
Being 100 times faster than today’s available LTE network, 5G will uprise a new cult of innovation and marketing strategies for the Telecom players and India is where everybody will bid into.


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