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Hexagon CFD Software Uses Fugaku to Complete Simulations

Hexagon has demonstrated the completion of complex CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations that were previously too time-consuming and expensive using the world’s fastest supercomputer, Fugaku.

volvoRoger Assaker, President of Design & Engineering, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, said: “Simulation holds the key to innovations in aerospace and eMobility. Advances such as the low-power Fugaku supercomputing architecture are one of the ways we can tap into these insights without costing the Earth, and I am delighted by what our Cradle CFD team and our partners have achieved.”

Masahide Fujisaki, Executive Director of Fujitsu Limited, said: “Fujitsu was pleased to have the chance to work with Software Cradle Co., Ltd. to tune and validate the performance of the scFLOW’s solver for large models on the supercomputer Fugaku and the Fujitsu Supercomputer PRIMEHPC series, which utilizes the technology of Fugaku. In the future, we look forward to working together with vendors to optimize commercial applications and contribute to the industrial use of Fugaku, while simultaneously offering the Fujitsu Supercomputer PRIMEHPC series to manufacturers and other companies so that the results of this work can be widely used in the industry.”

Tomohiro Irie, Director of R&D for Cradle CFD, said: “By using the efficient computing power of Fugaku with our simulation tools, we will encourage users to simulate phenomena that simply weren’t feasible before due to the computation time and cost. Today we have simulated 192,000 elements but this is only the beginning – because Cradle CFD is used in diverse applications, I expect that these technological developments will contribute to making the power of Fugaku more accessible for general use, bringing huge freedom and improved insights to engineering teams solving tomorrow’s problems today.”

Hexagon’s Cradle CFD customers will have the opportunity to tap into the power of the ARM-based Fugaku computer architecture to achieve complex simulations quickly and easily.

This is made possible through a new partnership that will allow customers to use Cradle CFD software on Fujitsu Limited’s commercially available Supercomputer PRIMEHPC series that utilizes the Fugaku technology.

Hexagon experts collaborated closely with Fujitsu Limited to tune the Cradle CFD code to run on Fugaku and complete test simulations.

Using Cradle technology with Fugaku’s extra computational resource, engineers can now achieve a higher resolution simulation to enable them to better understand the impact of turbulence on the structural safety of the aircraft and the forces it can withstand.


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