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HGST Introduces Active Archive Object Storage System

HGST, a Western Digital company has announced its Active Archive Object Storage System that allows businesses to easily store, recall and harness the power of data. It delivers 4.7 petabytes of raw data storage in a single rack, the HGST Active Archive System is a ready out-of-the-box object storage system that supports data centers grow from siloed data storage to cloud-scale active archiving.

The Active Archive System provides unmatched levels of accessibility, scalability, simplicity, affordability and has especially been intended to address the essential for rapid access to massive data stores.

The exclusivity of the Active Archive System is its Simplicity at Scale foundation. The System is a plug-and-play, S3 compliant scale-out object storage system; it only requires network and power connections to each rack to be put to work. It also offers limitless scaling without the expensive need for replication, and its open interface supports ease of integration and flexibility.

HGST Introduces Active Archive Object Storage System

“HGST’s Active Archive System supports our strategy to bring higher value to the market so customers can transform their data into business value,” said Dave Tang, senior vice president and general manager, Elastic Storage Platforms Group, HGST.Data has become the currency of the new economy. The ability to store, retain and interact with data enables businesses to gain new insights to help boost productivity, make better decisions and even predict the future. We recognised this tectonic shift and have delivered the only solution that can offer superior economics with industry leading rack density, resiliency, and access at petabyte-scale. Leveraging our investment in object storage software and our unique approach of vertical innovation, the Active Archive System is positioned to help users unlock the power of their data.”

HGST’s recent acquisition of Amplidata, a developer of storage software for public and private cloud data centers enables the delivery of advanced object storage software, giving the foundation for a resilient object storage system that brings the top level of data durability in the industry, enduring an entire data-center outage when deployed across multiple sites.

“Today, HGST has delivered on its strategy to expand into higher value storage platforms and systems,” said John Rydning, Research Vice President, IDC. “HGST has intersected a critical juncture in the market as companies look to accelerate the rollout of third platform solutions. The plug-and-play simplicity of an integrated hardware platform matched with the strategic acquisition of Amplidata’s object cloud storage software has resulted in an innovative solution that addresses the rapidly evolving needs of cloud service providers and data-intensive organisations.”

The system is available for immediate orders and will be sold through HGST sales partners, including distributors, solution providers, system integrators and select OEMs. Multiple options for service and support are also available.



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