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HID Global Unveils HID HydrantID ACM CEE Feature

HID Global has launched its HID HydrantID Account Certificate Manager (ACM) digital certificate management to enable organizations to bring people and their Chromebooks back to a hybrid work and classroom environment.

HIDHID HydrantID ACM and its new Chromebook Certificate Enrollment Extension (CEE) feature enable organizations to issue and manage the digital certificates for bringing these devices back to physical work and study settings, ensuring they can connect to networks seamlessly and securely without passwords.

“The traditional walled-fortress IT security posture isn’t feasible as we transition to hybrid remote and in-person work and study environments using a growing variety of computing devices and operating systems,” said By Mrugesh Chandarana, Senior Product Manager, Commercial CA and PKI Services with HID Global, Identity and Access Management. “The huge influx of Chromebooks is here to stay and HID HydrantID ACM with its CEE feature is the first solution to provide an easy, cloud-based approach to digital certificate management that enables these devices to authenticate to enterprise networks in a passwordless, Zero Trust network access environment.”

HID HydrantID ACM with the CEE feature offers automated digital certificate lifecycle management with tracking, installation, and renewal.

It enables users of any Chromebook to make or model to be securely up and running on the network by simply plugging in their devices and seamlessly deploying certificates for passwordless authentication without any user intervention.

Early adopters of the HID HydrantID CEE solution for Chromebooks include a large financial institution with a sizable remote workforce, as well as high schools and colleges where Chromebook usage grew substantially during the 2020/2021 academic year.

The CEE feature is especially valuable for users as it allows them to have passwordless authentication while seamlessly navigating between remote connectivity and direct connection to the in-office network.

For organizations that do not have an internal Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) infrastructure, the CEE allows them to implement a seamless experience for their users while freeing up Help and\or Service Desk resources.

By implementing the CEE using HID HydrantID Managed PKI-as-a-Service, organizations eliminate operational complexity and dramatically reduce costs related to operating and deploying an organizational private PKI.


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