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HID Launches RAIN UHF RFID and NFC Combo Tags

HID Global has released HID Keg Tag family of RFID transponders that combine RAIN RFID and Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies into a single tag for advanced supply chain management of returnable transport items (RTI).

HID“HID Global has been at the forefront of helping organizations streamline processes by securely connecting equipment, devices, inventory and billions of other things to local and web-based business applications using RFID,” said Eric Suligoj, Director Business Development, Smart Components, Identification Technologies with HID Global. “Our new HID Keg Tags optimize the full range of inventory lifecycle management processes by enabling long-range management and bulk scanning logistics throughout the supply chain and for customers. The tags’ cloud-connected capabilities improve the customer reordering process and provide valuable marketing data to help optimize inventory and refine marketing campaigns.”

The new HID Keg Tag is ideal for advanced supply chain, logistics, inventory management and improved customer engagement for industrial returnable transport items such as bulk containers, gas cylinders, kegs and other curved RTIs. HID Keg  can be affixed to steel containers for long-range tracking, logistics and management from the warehouse during preparation to distribution and shipping. The tags also enable powerful Internet of Things capabilities such as product authentication as well as the ability for customers to directly engage with items and vendors via smart phones.

HID Keg Tag features include:

  • Improved logistics performance and visibility: RAIN RFID technology enables faster, more accurate RTI processing by simultaneously reading multiple incoming and outgoing containers.
  • Enhanced customer convenience: NFC technology gives customers new opportunities to simplify inventory management without having to invest in RFID readers and software.
  • Optimal fit and durability: The tags are designed to withstand harsh environments and sterilization processes. A slight curvature enables them to be welded to rounded surfaces.

Combined RAIN UHF and NFC tag solutions serve a wide range of additional use cases requiring advanced supply chain management and customer engagement. In retail, tags with both RAIN UHF NFC technologies can be easily used by consumers or employees who can tap their mobile phones to products to determine if they are genuine.


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