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Hidden Technology – Was History Way Ahead than the Future We’re Blinking?

“In a famous saying Oracle told Neo, the problem is not in the answers, the problem is that we are asking the wrong questions.”

Niloy Banerjee, Consultant Editor & External, Communication, BISinfotech

What If? You travelled the world just from your home by just sitting back at your couch popping your butter-spiced popcorn. Or maybe binge-watching ‘Dark’ on my refrigerator enabling entertainment and storing food at the same time. In a case imagine, the things we worship can talk to us, but is it possible? In this piece of “What If?” I will share my research and findings unveiling few astonishing theories that commemorate and spell the well existence of ‘Hidden Technology’.

Hidden Technology States We’re Still Technologically Lame?

Our ancestors and their architecture depict many truths of Hidden Technology which they were using discreetly. But Why? What If it did flash innovations in front of every people at that time?

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Niloy Banerjee

A generic movie-buff, passionate and professional with print journalism, serving editorial verticals on Technical and B2B segments, crude rover and writer on business happenings, spare time playing physical and digital forms of games; a love with philosophy is perennial as trying to archive pebbles from the ocean of literature. Lastly, a connoisseur in making and eating palatable cuisines.

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