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Triton’s Himanshu Patel, Keynote Speaker at Aayera Summit

rickshaw 1Triton Electric Vehicle’s CEO  & Founder, Himanshu B. Patel has recently announced that he is going to be a Keynote Speaker at the Aayera EV Charging infrastructure & technology summit. This virtual conference will commence on August 23rd and 24th, with Himanshu’s segment being August 23rd at 9:40am IST.

At this virtual conference Himanshu will discuss on the topic of, “EV Charging Station and Problems with Grid Power and How We Will Solve It.” Many EV companies have not tried to tackle this major obstacle. For Triton EV, this is the basis on all of the our innovations and product line. Himanshu will dive deeper into our technologies and how our products will be able to help the Grid issues.

Himanshu will discuss on its innovative Power Home Link, which enables net metering and contributing existing power left on consumer’s vehicles to be supplied to the Grid. The Semi Truck, Model H Luxury SUV, N4 Sedan and e-Rickshaws will be touch upon as well.

Triton-EV is the revolutionary new subsidiary of Triton Solar, a leader in solar panel and battery engineering. Triton Solar’s mission is to “make energy storage more reliable, more affordable, and more applicable.” Triton Solar and Triton-EV are committed to engineering a revolutionary new global energy structure and are working closely with partner nations to accomplish this goal.

To know more about the Aayera EV Charging infrastructure & technology summit, click here


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