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Hitachi & Bao Viet Insurance to Upgrade Insurance Services

Bao Viet Insurance, Hitachi, Ltd., and Hitachi Asia (Vietnam) Co, Ltd have partnered to drive innovation in the insurance business.

Hitachi The collaboration will integrate digital technologies like AI and big data analysis into the business to raise health awareness, prevent the development and aggravation of diseases in Vietnam.

Under this agreement, Bao Viet Insurance will introduce Hitachi’s leading technologies for analyzing medical big data to Bao Viet Direct, an app provided to Bao Viet Insurance policyholders, and will begin providing a new insurance service for improving health, which permits users to easily measure the risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases and receive health guidance.

The new service will commence on October 1.

Continuing its tradition of providing high-value insurance services, Bao Viet Insurance has adopted Hitachi’s Risk Simulator for Insurance – a Lumada solution that analyzes medical big data using Hitachi’s proprietary AI.

The solution can predict the future risk of hospitalization caused by eight major lifestyle-related diseases using medical big data, which includes users’ health checkup results and health insurance claims.

The new service enables Bao Viet Insurance policyholders to easily check their future risks of the eight major lifestyle-related diseases simply by entering their health checkup results and past medical history into the mobile app.

The app also displays factors for risks and offers advice for improvement. Their information can enable specific behavioral changes and lifestyle habits to support health improvement.

The solution will enable further channel expansion and create opportunities at the time of insurance application. For example, the risk prediction service will be linked to the remote medical care services provided by Bao Viet Insurance.

In addition, these services will be combined with various health data management functions of Bao Viet Direct app for a customized, centralized and integrated administration of health information that supports the wellbeing and productivity management of companies.

Bao Viet Insurance and Hitachi will continue to discuss the creation of new health promotion services that utilize various technologies.

Bao Viet Insurance will continue to apply advanced technologies, to contribute to promoting good health among people in Vietnam and offer insurance services that will help policyholders to lead a healthy life.


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