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Hitachi to Boost Robotic SI Business in Japan and ASEAN

Hitachi Group aims to be a global leader in the robotic SI business based on JR Automation which is developing business mainly in North America and Europe

Hitachi and Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems have been accelerating the global development of the line building business leveraging industrial robots and will establish Hitachi Automation on April 1, 2022.

Hitachi Robotic SI BusinessBy reorganizing and integrating the operations and resources within group companies, Hitachi plans to reinforce the robotic SI business in Japan and ASEAN countries.

Kazunobu Morita, Vice President and Executive Officer, CEO of the Industry & Distribution Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd. said, “The automation needs have been increasing rapidly in the manufacturing industry due to a shortage of labor, the retirement of highly skilled workers and a decrease in production engineers. Against this backdrop, Hitachi has focused on the reinforcement of its robotic SI business through mergers and acquisitions in Japan and in the U.S. over the past few years. I am confident that Hitachi Automation, which will be established by reorganizing and integrating the resources of the group, will contribute to solutions to the problems faced by customers in manufacturing industries in Japan and ASEAN countries. In the future, we will provide ‘Total Seamless Solutions’ that maximize business value from the customer’s management perspective by combining robotic SI with Hitachi’s products, OT, IT and Lumada which utilizes advanced digital technology, and by realizing cyber-physical system as linking cyberspace and real space, thereby contributing to the improvement of social, environmental and economic value.”

For the past few years, Hitachi’s Industry Sector has been reinforcing the robotic SI business through Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems’ acquisition of KEC and Hitachi’s Industry & Distribution Business Unit’s acquisition of JR Automation and Kyoto Robotics Corporation (“Kyoto Robotics”).

Now by integrating the robotic SI business into Hitachi’s Industry & Distribution Business Unit through this reorganization, Hitachi will provide solutions fused with digital technologies while expanding its ability to provide full turnkey solutions in collaboration with JR Automation.

Under the new structure, it will contribute to increasing the value of the customer’s business by providing a one-stop solution with OT centered on robotic SI and IT.

Moreover, the Hitachi Group aims to be a global leader in the robotic SI business based on JR Automation which is developing business mainly in North America and Europe, Hitachi Automation and Kyoto Robotics which will be developing business in Japan and ASEAN countries.

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems develops the robotic SI business centering on assembly and conveyor processes in a wide range of business categories leveraging its control technologies, such as connected products.


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