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HKU Invented Stay Alert Stay Healthy (SASH) Box

The Hong Kong University (HKU)’s computer science department with the support of Dr K.K.Y. Wong and Dr Y.K. Choi has made a multi-purpose IoT device, which can be used in various scenarios. It has been proved as a one stop solution for the safety against the Covid-19 pandemic. The name of device is Stay Alert Stay Healthy (SASH) Box. It can easily detect the unusual body temperature, the box can also detect that the person is wearing a face mask or not.

IoT-DeviceThe Stay Alert Stay Healthy (SASH) Box can also give you the updates about COVID-19 information, like: confirmed cases, self-isolation requirements, etc. from the government databases. It has been made on the low-cost Raspberry Pi 4 which provides the computation resources necessary for hosting a lightweight server application as well as analyzing the incoming data from its attached sensors.

The SASH Box has unbelievable facilities, from LEDs to speaker and a consumer grade thermal camera also. It has capability of recognizing risk in your surroundings.

The SASH box is capable of retrieving up-to-date information, e.g., COVID-19 cases, from online databases.  The team is now developing speech recognition and text-to-voice capabilities in the device to provide easy accessibility for elderly people and people who are visually impaired.

Apart from working as a standalone gadget, the SASH box can also serve as a server and host useful applications for connecting devices.  Users can easily retrieve information and monitor the environment in which a SASH box is located (e.g., households, classrooms, elderly homes, clinics, bus/taxi cabinets) in real-time by connecting their mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets from a remote site.  The design of the SASH box also allows ready scalability so that multiple devices can be connected to form a satellite network to facilitate sharing and monitoring of environmental data.


Nitisha Dubey

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