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Hogarth Worldwide Expands Quantum Corp’s StorNext Environment to Accommodate Rapid Growth

Marketing Agency Leverages Multitier Storage for Greater Business Agility and Content Management


Quantum announced that Hogarth Worldwide, has enhanced its StorNext-powered storage environment with an Xcellis workflow storage system, including QXS high-performance disk. Providing independent performance and capacity scaling — as well as low-cost, long-term content preservation — the end-to-end storage solution has enabled Hogarth to maintain an efficient and collaborative production operation as its business continues to grow around the world.

The agency relies on StorNext to support efficient delivery of high-quality services including broadcast, print and digital production, post production, CGI and language localization.

“One constant since Hogarth’s early days has been Quantum’s StorNext,” said Nick Wood, production systems manager at Hogarth. “We started converting Xsan environments to StorNext very early to take advantage of its flexibility, performance and scale, and it enabled our teams to collaborate on projects while working on any platform — Mac, Linux or Windows. Today, 12 of our offices already have full StorNext environments installed.With StorNext, we know we can quickly add disk capacity for an office if the workload sees a surge, and we can expand the system almost instantaneously to add more workstations. We’ve had to do that — expand from five or six workstations to 40 for a big project — and StorNext makes it easy.”

Working with Quantum and integrator-partner Trams, Hogarth recently upgraded its environment with a StorNext-powered Xcellis workflow storage solution.

The new Xcellis system not only allows the agency to scale performance and capacity independently but also supports use of network-attached storage (NAS) as part of the storage pool. The actual transition to Xcellis took just a couple of hours, with no impact on the work or experience of Hogarth’s production teams.

Within the StorNext environment, Hogarth is touted to leverage its existing investments across Mac, Linux and Windows platforms while taking advantage of multiple storage tiers to optimize its use and expansion of both storage performance and capacity.

StorNext’s industry-leading streaming performance enables the agency to maintain a highly efficient, collaborative workflow with shorter design cycles.

“We are a real workflow company, and StorNext provides the most flexible, powerful end-to-end workflow system available anywhere,” said Wood. “There is no way we could have done what we have without it.”


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