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HOLTEK Introduces Smoke Detector MCU

Holtek has recently announced the release of its new Smoke Detector dedicated Flash MCU, the BA45F5250.

HoltekThe Holtek device includes a fully integrated smoke detector AFE, a dual channel IR LED constant current driving circuit as well as a 16-bit voice D/A converter.

The device will find excellent use in smoke detection products which require voice function, wireless networking or larger program memory capacity, such as vocal smoke detection alarms, NB-IoT smoke detection alarms or WIFI smoke detection alarms.

The device contains an 8K×16 Flash Program Memory, a 1024-byte RAM and a 128-byte EEPROM. With regards to peripheral features, the device also includes a 10-bit PTM, a 10-bit STM and a multi-channel 12-bit A/D converter.

The fully integrated smoke detector AFE contains filtering and amplifying circuits for IR sensors. It is therefore only necessary to add IR sensors to implement a smoke detection function without the need of other external components.

The dual channel IR LED transmission constant current driving circuit provides a multi-level adjustable current function and supports a constant current driving capability of up to 360mA and 205mA for the two channels. The integrated 16-bit voice D/A converter can implement voice functions.

The device is supplied in 16-pin NSOP and 20/24/28-pin SSOP package types. Compared with the previous BA45F5240, the BA45F5250 contains the same core smoke detection circuit and UART, SPI/I2C communication interfaces. However, this new device provides increased Flash Program memory and RAM memory capacity, allowing it to meet the requirements for higher functionality smoke detection products.

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