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Holtek Launches HT7Q1520 –3 to 8 Cell Analog Front End

Holtek has released the HT7Q1520 analog front end, specifically designed for Li-battery protection and for use in a wide range of products such as handheld electronic tools, handheld vacuum cleaners etc.

HTThe Holtek device is a high voltage analog-front-end for 3 to 8 cell Li-ion rechargeable battery protection. It consists of an accumulative cell voltage monitor and a high accuracy voltage regulator.

The device is designed to monitor an accumulative voltage from 1 to N and to output the divide-by-N voltage to an analog multiplexer with a ±0.5% division ratio accuracy.

An anti-reverse current switch has been implemented to prevent any backflow current.

Each divided accumulative cell voltage can be observed sequentially which will benefit MCUs which have a lower number of ADCs.

An integrated regulator provides a fixed 5V supply to the MCU with a 30mA driving current capability and which has ±1% precision.

The voltage regulator remains continually active even if the EN_S pin is cleared to a logic low level. The device is supplied in a 16-pin NSOP package type.

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