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HOLTEK Releases New BM5602-60-1 2.4GHz Transceiver Module

Holtek has recently announced the release of its new 2.4GHz RF module, the BM5602-60-1, the design of which is based on the BC5602 2.4GHz GFSK transceiver device.

HOLTEKIts special features include a matching circuit and a trace antenna. The RF characteristics are fully compliant with ETSI/FCC specifications, meeting the requirements of low power consumption and the response requirements of IoT products. It can be widely used in smart homes, industrial/agricultural controllers, etc., to implement stable 2.4GHz wireless two-way transmission.

The BC5602 has frequency hopping function, a transmitting power of up to +7dBm as well as a programmable transmission rate of 125/250/500Kbps. Its receiving sensitivity can be up to -98dBm at a data rate of 125Kbps. The module supports straight hole and stamp hole pin packages and meets the requirements for both product development and volume production.

The module also supports 3-wire or 4-wire SPI interfaces, offering a convenient means for external MCU control. This module can offer a solution for a wide range of application requirements for which more information can be obtained by referring to the BM5602-60-1 and BC5602 datasheets.


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