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Honeywell Awarded with CSR Health Impact Awards

Honeywell has been awarded with CSR Health Impact Awards, COVID-19 edition a Bronze Award.

Honeywell The award recognizes Honeywell’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Since the start of the pandemic, Honeywell has committed more than US$3 million towards COVID relief for India,” said Ashish Gaikwad, Managing Director, Honeywell Automation India Limited and President (Interim), Honeywell India.

“Realizing the immediate need of communities and the Government to address the challenges of this pandemic, Honeywell reoriented its CSR approach for maximum impact by offering to beef up healthcare infrastructure across multiple states. We have been partnering with the government and communities to set up COVID Care Centres, Critical Care ICU centers, donated Oxygen Concentrators and PPE Kits including N95 respirators for medical use,” he added.

Honeywell received the award in the “COVID Indigenous Response Project” category.

Honeywell has established fully functional and equipped COVID care centers and critical care centers across six cities in collaboration with state and local governments.

Honeywell established 20-bed COVID care centers in Pune, Nainital, Gurugram and Delhi. These centers are equipped with beds, oxygen supply, personal protective equipment (PPE) kits, medical consumables, and basic medical infrastructure to treat non-critical patients.

The company also set up a 10-bed ICU center at Bowring Hospital in Bengaluru with the necessary equipment to support critical COVID-19 patients.

These include class I ventilators, Fowler beds, BiPAP machines, multipara monitors with and without capnometers, a portable X-ray machine, an ECG machine, an infusion pump, and a laryngoscope set. A similar center is nearing completion in Mumbai.

Honeywell also donated around 1,000 oxygen concentrators and 10,000 N95 respirators, ventilators and PPE kits to government and private hospitals across the country.

The CSR Health Impact Awards — an IHW Council Initiative — recognizes CSR–based health initiatives by individuals, companies, and not-for-profit organizations.


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