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Honeywell Intelligrated Webinar to Explore Lifecycle Management

Honeywell has declared the launch of a webinar series to help these businesses consider a holistic approach to lifecycle management.

Honeywell Starting June 9, Honeywell Intelligrated will conduct a free, four-part On the Move webinar series hosted by the business’ Lifecycle Support Services team exploring techniques to help improve a company’s lifecycle management strategies.

“In the never-ending push to meet rising consumer demands, DC operators often overlook the important roles that lifecycle management strategies play within their overall operational success,” said Anthony Pishotti, General Manager of Lifecycle Support Services for Honeywell Intelligrated. “While most operators are laser-focused on meeting daily fulfillment goals, our research shows 80% of businesses are misestimating downtime by 200-300% Ninety percent of maintenance shutdowns are unplanned, causing losses in production and idle labor. Leveraging technology and proactive asset performance management improve equipment reliability, maintenance effectiveness and performance outcomes that ultimately reduce costs and increase ROI.”

From spare parts and machine control obsolescence to throughput optimization and predictive maintenance, these 30-minute sessions will give attendees the insights to transform ineffective lifecycle initiatives into robust, value-driven programs.

Compared to other industries, the distribution and fulfillment sector has been slow to adopt IIoT technologies that monitor, record and analyze operational data. Traditional methods of preventive maintenance and reactive responses to issues arising in DCs are providing only adequate results and can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Predictive maintenance technologies can help DC operators reduce – and potentially eliminate – unplanned operational disruptions. IIoT infrastructures are connecting critical assets and systems to enable proactive, predictive maintenance capabilities, utilizing machine control data, sensors, software, cloud storage and data analytics.


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