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How to retain cyber talent in the Great Resignation wave

- Jaspal Sawhney, Chief Information Security Officer, Tata Communications.

“Digital transformation has placed IT at the centre of nearly all organisations, further increasing the complexity of protecting critical infrastructure. The growing importance and reliance on data as the lifeblood of business and the global shift towards cloud and mobile computing have also provided new avenues for cyberattacks. While the government has rolled out more rules and policies in place to help combat this, there is now a huge demand for specialised cyber talent and resources – like malware analysts, cyber forensics, or red team operators. The creation of jobs is always positive, but it has also fueled up a lot of unwanted attrition and left a question of where do we find the right talent to fill this?

Automation is one way to manage the talent shortage as this can take care of the basic routine tasks. This helps the analysts work smarter and put their skills to good use wherever they are needed most. However, in the era of the Great Resignation, this model can be sustainable only if it is supplemented by talent nurturing, upskilling and reskilling strategies. All businesses are trying to fish for talent from the same pond so organisations should actively work on creating a skills pipeline for cybersecurity roles internally and investing in training and retention of the existing workforce. A regular rhythm of review and updation can be set for these specialised roles to increase the relevance and make it more fulfilling both for the employees as well as the organisation.

The great resignation has meant that employees expect more from their employers, so organisations have to pay closer attention to the individual needs of existing employees and convey the positive intent of the company to invest in their staff to build a robust skill pipeline internally. Some critical cybersecurity roles may face an early burnout, so it is important to acknowledge this and look into planning a job rotation within the firm. This will help retain the staff, protect the enterprise, and keep the key positions covered.”


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