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HP unveils its first commercial 3D printer with individual Voxel level printing

HP has finally announced its first commercial production-ready 3D printer that the company claims can print “superior physical parts 10 times faster at half the cost of current 3D print systems.”

3D printer

The HP Jet Fusion 3D printing solution is designed for model shops and 3D print service bureaus. The solution aims at Simplifying workflow and reducing cost for radical prototyping and delivering final parts-manufacturing with breakthrough economics. It also offers open materials and software innovation platform that lowers barriers to adoption and enables new applications across industries.

While the HP Jet Fusion 3D 3200 printer is ideal for prototyping with expandable capacity to lower cost per part, the HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 printer is designed for prototyping and short-run manufacturing needs.

Jet Fusion 3D printers

The Jet Fusion 3D printers can enable manufacturers to print functional parts at individual Voxel level for higher level of customization. A Voxel is a 3D equivalent of a pixel in an image.

This will make printing of parts so precise that HP claims, in the future production of its Jet Fusion 3D printers, about 50% of its parts might be made by 3D the printer itself.

“Our 3D printing platform is unique in its ability to address over 340 million voxels per second, versus one point at a time, giving our prototyping and manufacturing partners radically faster build speeds, functional parts and breakthrough economics,” said Stephen Nigro, President of HP’s 3D printing business.

For open materials and software innovation, HP has built the ecosystem with a number of partners including Nike, BMW, Autodesk, Jabil, Johnson & Johnson, Materialise, Proto Labs, Shapeways and Siemens. Certified partners will collaborate to enable materials innovation and new applications for its HP Multi Jet Fusion Solution, leading to reduced 3D printing costs and faster industry adoption of 3D printing. HP is also creating a 3D material app store and is already collaborating with certified partners including Arkema, BASF, Evonik and Lehmann & Voss, with plans to expand the open platform ecosystem over time.

Learn more about the technology behind the printer in the video below.

The Jet Fusion 3D printers will also bring with it the ability to print with embedded intelligence, like sensors in parts and with embedded information, like invisible traces or codes.

 “The new HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution delivers a combination of speed, quality, and cost never seen in the industry.  Businesses and manufacturers can completely rethink how they design and deliver solutions to their customers,” Nigro said.


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