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HP Z Turbo Drive G2 PCIe SSD Introduced

HP has introduced its Super-charged storage solution ‘HP Z Turbo Drive G2’featuring PC/workstation PCIe NVMe SSDs to process large data sets ultra-fast. The HP Z Turbo Drive G2 PCIe SSD is powered by Samsung NVMe technology and delivers four times traditional SATA SSD performance at a cost that’s almost similar.

HP Z Turbo Drive G2

The HP Z Turbo Drive allows workstation users to super-charge productivity and creativity of workflows.

Highlighted features of HP Z Turbo Drive G2:

  1. Improve the way you work and get ultra-fast I/O response to process large data sets with the second generation HP Z Turbo Drive.
  2. It utilizes the new NVMe protocol technology, designed from the ground up for flash technology, to achieve more than twice the performance of its G1 predecessor
  3. HP Z840, Z640 and Z440 desktop workstations can be easily expanded by integrating the high-performance HP Z Turbo Drive G2 with high capacity SATA HDDs and SSDs.

“When working at 4K resolutions, hard drive and storage performance are key,” said Danny Holland, post-production supervisor, Brain Farm Digital Cinema, “The HP Z Turbo Drive delivers astonishing power and speed at a lower cost.”

HP Z Turbo Drive is expected to be available in June. The drive will launch in two capacities- 256 GB and 512 GB, priced at $399 (Approx.24885INR) and $699(Approx. 43589INR) respectively.



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