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Huawei Offers 5G-oriented Mobile Bearer Solution X-Haul


Huawei launched its 5G-oriented mobile bearer solution X-Haul. This solution has four core values: providing flexible access capabilities that can match the scenario of any site; implementing agile network operations based on a cloud architecture; enabling new service innovation through end-to-end network slicing; and supporting smooth evolution from 4G bearer networks to 5G bearer networks.

3GPP defined three major 5G application scenarios: enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC), and ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communication (uRLLC).

These scenarios impose high requirements on bearer network bandwidth, latency, connections, and O&M. Operators are actively promoting service transformation to penetrate emerging service markets such as smart manufacturing and the Internet of Vehicles (IoV).

These services require that 5G bearer networks be capable of supporting rapid service deployment and agile operation. At the same time, with the 3G / 4G / 5G multi-service bearer and network scale expansion, the planning and design of bearer networks will face great challenges, which require the bearer networks to be constructed as efficiently as possible, reducing the overall TCO.

To comprehensively support operators’ 5G service expansion, Huawei launched the 5G-oriented mobile bearer solution X-Haul to help operators build end-to-end 5G networks.

To support diverse 5G access methods, the Huawei X-Haul provides an overall solution with full fronthaul and backhaul coverage, implementing flexible access in all scenarios. Flexible networking is implemented through the IP, microwave, and OTN access technologies, enabling unified fronthaul and backhaul bearing whether or not optical cables are used.

For backhaul scenarios in areas that have a high population density, Huawei launched the industry’s first 50GE/100GE adaptive network slicing router, which provides seamless 100GE compatibility even when providing 50GE base station access.

For scenarios where optical cables are not used, Huawei launched the industry’s first 5G-ready microwave solution. Smooth capacity upgrade is supported through the use of a same frequency band or inter-frequency band Carrier Aggregation (CA) technology, which enables any-media 10GE to site.

For fronthaul scenarios, Huawei launched the industry’s first 100G Full-outdoor WDM device, which is deployed at the same site as the base station to save optical cable resources.

Jeffrey Gao, president of Huawei Router & Carrier Ethernet Product Line, stated: “The 5G era is approaching, and the shape that service modes will take is not yet certain. The Huawei X-Haul solution fully supports 4G/5G bearing, so as to effectively support operators’ new service development and expand the business blueprint. In the future, Huawei will continue to promote joint innovation with operators in the 5G field around the world, and join hands with upstream and downstream industry partners to promote the sustainable development of the 5G industry.”

Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF) 2017, will be held from October 18 to October 19, 2017 in Hangzhou, China. Huawei will comprehensively demonstrate how X-Haul will help operators keep up with service requirements in the 5G era, promoting the full deployment of 5G bearer networks.

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