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Human Intelligence Is the Key to the Artificial Intelligence Age

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can enhance the wellbeing of a country, lift the economy, improve environmental sustainability and create a more inclusive and fair society.

Human Intelligence

AI is the collection of interrelated technologies, such as natural language processing, speech recognition, computer vision, machine learning and automated reasoning that gives machines the ability to perform tasks and solve problems that would otherwise require human cognition.

A report from the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA), titled: The Effective and Ethical Development of Artificial Intelligence – An Opportunity to Improve our Wellbeing, encourages to embrace emerging technology. The panel, co-chaired by UNSW Sydney Professor Toby Walsh, urges to reflect on what AI-enabled future the nation wants, as the future impact of AI on our society will be ultimately determined by decisions taken today.

“With careful planning, AI offers great opportunities for Australia, provided we ensure that the use of technology does not compromise our human values. As a nation, we should look to set the global example for the responsible adoption of AI,” Professor Walsh said.

The findings recognize the importance of having a national strategy, a community awareness campaign, safe and accessible digital infrastructure, a responsive regulatory system; and a diverse and highly skilled workforce.

By bringing together Australia’s leading experts from the sciences, technology and engineering, humanities, arts, and social sciences, this ACOLA report comprehensively examines the key issues arising from the development and implementation of AI technologies and importantly places the wellbeing of the society at the centre of any development. ACOLA’s report is the fourth in the Horizon Scanning series, each scoping the human implications of fast-evolving technologies in the decade ahead.

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 For the full report: Click Here


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