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IBM to provide Analytics and Workforce Science for better organisational performance

IBM has rolled out a new cloud-based solution along with a Talent and Change consulting practice. This will help the organisations to adapt analytics and workforce science to identify the top talent, develop employee engagement and also manage the transformational change. This new service will be offered by via IBM’s Smarter Workforce initiative. This initiative enables the client to apply proven behavioural science, statistical analysis and psychological principles to improve employee engagement and organizational performance.


The launch of this new service is followed by the announcement made by IBM regarding the workforce engagement and transformations are top priorities for Chief HR Officers (CHROs) and C-suite leaders. The company also conducted a global C-suite study which highlights that, two out of five CEOs expect their next competitive threat to come from organizations outside their industries, requiring them to completely rethink their workforce design and processes. The other important aspect is that the organisation should be able to manage the size, scope and pace of workforce transformation projects to meet these shifting market demands.

This new service started by IBM will enable its clients to formulate transformational change necessary to build a smarter and more connected workforce. The service covers up four essential areas like – Organisational Change, Talent Analytics, Employee Experience and HR Cloud – with an overall focus on helping clients use cloud to deploy, manage and access their HR solutions and assets to drive business results. The new practice will help clients accelerate the adoption of IBM’s Smarter Workforce offerings, and embrace new technologies such as IBM SPSS predictive analytics to create a competitive advantage.

Speaking about this new service, Anmol Nautiyal, Director, IBM Social Business and IBM Smarter Workforce said, “People being the most important differentiator, successful Indian companies are beginning to realize the potential of workforce engagement. They are looking for solutions and new ways to attract and retain top talent, adding more precision to role and team design while driving the right organizational culture and adapt to new business opportunities. We have introduced new cloud-based offerings and a Talent and Change consulting practice with data-driven approach, designed to complement the expertise of business leaders and HR professionals”.

As part of this new service, IBM is providing three cloud based solutions to its clients. These will provide the organisations a better insight to the talent and will also help in creating a better workforce. These solutions include IBM Kenexa Predictive Hiring which provides a detailed analytics about individual, job, team and organizational traits that define top performers.  The other one is the IBM Kenexa Workforce Readiness this enables clients to assess current workforce readiness to address existing and emerging business demands. And the last one is the IBM Kenexa Predictive Retention that guards the organisation against future talent attrition by helping organizations compile and analyse high-volume workforce data.

These new offerings will be available through the IBM Cloud marketplace, alongside more than 100 other IBM SaaS solutions.


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