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IBM Watson group unveil troika of cloud-delivered Watson services


NEW YORK, USA: IBM showcased a triumvirate of newfangled Watson services delivered over the cloud. The first, Watson Discovery Advisor, is designed to accelerate and strengthen research and development oriented projects in industries reading in the order of pharmaceutical, publishing and biotechnology.

The second, Watson Analytics, delivers visualized Big Data insights, based on questions posed in natural language by any business user, for that matter. The third offering, IBM Watson Explorer, aids users across an enterprise to uncover and share data-driven insights effortlessly, while empowering organizations to launch Big Data initiatives more rapidly.

The services are being developed and will be offered by the new IBM Watson Group, announced today at an event in New York City.

The Watson Group will accelerate a new class of cognitive computing services, software and apps into the marketplace that analyze, improve by learning as well as discover answers and insights to complex questions from massive amounts of disparate data.


“Watson is the solution to today’s influx of information, delivered from the cloud and ready to be the ultimate advisor for faster, more accurate decisions,” reportedly said Michael Rhodin, senior vice president, IBM Watson Group.

“By bringing a new generation of Watson-powered services to the marketplace, IBM is transforming industries and professions. These new cognitive computing innovations are designed to augment users’ knowledge, be it the researcher exploring genetic data to create new therapies or a business executive who needs evidence-based insights to make a crucial decision,” added Rhodin.

Watson to transform R&D bracing big data discovery

In the face of the race to bring potentially lifesaving new treatments unto the market, medical and pharmaceutical businesses are hindered by high costs and slow timelines. The top 1,000 research and development companies are spending $603 billion on research, according to Booz & Company. In the meantime, it takes 8.5 years on average for a pharmaceutical treatment to go from preliminary research stage into practice, according to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

IBM is launching IBM Watson Discovery Advisor. The new service will provide assistance to industries such as pharmaceutical and publishing to do more with their R&D investments while empowering research teams to accomplish more in far less time. The Discovery Advisor is designed to reduce the time at hand which researchers need to formulate conclusions that can advance their work, from months to days and days to just hours.

The Discovery Advisor will call upon Watson’s cognitive intelligence to save researchers the time even which is needed to pour though millions of articles, journals and studies. After quickly reading through, determining context and synthesizing vast amounts of data, it will help users pinpoint connections within the data that can strengthen and accelerate their work.

The service will quickly uncover new perspectives from relevant data sources that could easily be overlooked, given the enormous volume of information available. By enabling users to explore data from related domains in a more comprehensive capacity, the Watson Discovery Advisor aims to open up unexpected insights and new modes of thinking to industry researchers.

To develop the Watson Discovery Advisor, IBM worked with leaders in industries such as publishing, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and higher education, to understand how Watson could be applied to help transform how research is conducted. Elsevier, a leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, is working with IBM to explore how cognitive technologies can augment the research experience for its clinician users.

The IBM Watson Group will primarily market Watson Discovery Advisor to clients in the medical, pharmaceutical and publishing industries. The solution could be useful to any professional experts, including analysts who possess deep subject matter expertise and seek to expand their knowledge.


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