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I’m Excited To See Good Progress In The Adoption Of Industrial 4.0 In India

Sean Chang
Sean Chang, Product Marketing Manager from Moxa

During an exclusive interview with Niloy Banerjee; Sean Chang, Product Marketing Manager from Moxa India, noted, I am excited to see good progress in the adoption of industrial 4.0 in India in the last few years. To a more prudent spectacle shared during this interview on Industry 4.0, Chang unfolded Moxa’s leadership and how the company is enabling the ‘Future-Present’ in India. Edited Nub.   

  1. How is India Preparing For Industry 4.0 and sectors likely to be impacted by the trend?
  • As per my engagement with the OEMs in India, most of them are well aware the industry 4.0 trend.

More and more manufacturers invest and set up the industrial 4.0 task force and start to engage with different ecosystem partners in industrial 4.0. They have a proposal and poc in their plant to analyze and evaluate the return of the investment. It started with the automotive and its component manufacturers few years ago and now spreads to other vertical markets.

  1. What are the smarter strategies India should adopt for smart manufacturing?

There are steps towards smart manufacturing –

Connecting the device and machine to get the data, Gathering data, Use data insights to do the analysis. Improve the manufacturing procedure and increase the OEE, connecting the system, turn the data into actionable e.g. MES and SAP.

  1. How can Indian firms move towards Industry 4.0 – Strategies Firms should amend?
  • Most of the manufacturers talk about connecting the device and getting the data as first step but I suggest that goal identification can be your first steps. Assess your operational pain points, develop and prioritize the operational goals then it will increase your return on investment.
  1. What are the benefits of 4.0 and the challenges that the industry will face?
  • The benefit from industrial 4.0 is to increase production quality, asset optimization, safety, and cost reduction.

And most of the challenges I see in India now is getting OT device connected to IT network.

  1. Future of Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing and Automation in the Indian scenario?
  • I am excited to see good progress in the adoption of industrial 4.0 in India in the last few years. A lot of companies are rapidly adopting new strategies to drive smart manufacturing technology and I believe that we will soon see many smart factories across India.
  1. Lastly, how is your company dressing up for Industry 4.0

Moxa is a leading provider of industrial networking, computing and automation solutions that has grown based on its success providing connectivity solutions for multiple vertical markets especially in manufacturing.  Moxa has connected over 40 million devices, and has witnessed that the power of bringing data-driven decision making to the field or factory floor can provide to lowering the bottom line and raising profits by securely connecting previously isolated industrial serial networks to the industrial Internet. In short, if you need to connect your device, equipment and machine in your plant, Moxa is the company that you can partner with.


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