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How is 5G Redefining Cloud Computing?

With almost 20 billion IoT devices already in use, technologies like 5G in Cloud Computing have become an essential part of innovation that will localize the processing and storage of their systems.

5G in Cloud ComputingUshering a new era of 5G technology, most of the countries have either already deployed 5G or are getting ready to deploy 5G technology and its services as soon as possible.

South Korea became one of the first countries to deploy 5G at a massive scale followed by the US by last year.

The craze of 5G is not only limited to its high-speed capabilities and latency specifications but due to the endless plethora of possibilities, it represents as a whole to unlock the services of next-generation.

In a 5G world, integration of cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and even IoT will become the driving forces of Industry 4.0, the fourth iteration of the Industrial Revolution that will bring digital transformation not only to industries but to human society as a whole.

With almost 20 billion IoT devices already in use, technologies like 5G in Cloud Computing have become an essential part of innovation that will localize the processing and storage of their systems.

And this is where the Impact of 5G in Cloud Computing ecosystem will emerge to revamp the field of data analytics to capture, transport and process this humongous and critical data.

Mixing of 5G in Cloud Computing 

Cloud Computing5G infrastructure and services will become the cornerstone of implementing cloud computing resources to integrate cloud infrastructure with hyper-fast, unfathomable connectivity.

Since 5G infrastructure is generally built on digital and virtualized architecture with features for the cloud, Ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) and cloud virtualization are some of the offerings that will boost cloud-based management.

As the organizations are accelerating towards mobile cloud applications due to their operations as well as a customer offering perspective, the future of mobile cloud applications, especially in the field of healthcare and banking, are bound to be utilized efficiently after the successful launch of 5G technology.

For instance, unified communications services used by enterprises will gain tremendously from 5G’s improved speed performance and service reliability.

With more and more mobile apps becoming cloud-dependent, the Impact of 5G in Cloud Computing brings about faster and smoother transfers that are severely lacking in today’s 4G connectivity.

Integration of 5G in Cloud Computing Ecosystem will ensure several applications pull out their full potentials, without any innovative idea being left behind.

Dawn of Network Cloudification

5G in CloudCurrently, the network industry is witnessing major investments coming from big tech companies like Intel and IBM in network cloudification.

Known as the process of extending cloud platforms, technologies and virtualization capabilities throughout a network, network cloudification makes the network more agile, flexible, and even scalable.

With the needs of consumer and enterprise bandwidth escalating day by day, networks are harnessing the Impact of 5G in Cloud Computing to move toward their model of software-defined architecture to satisfy their operational and application demands.

Network cloudification enables network providers to optimize as well as automate the network for greater functionality with its applications operating on the edges of the network.

However, this move requires a transition from a hardware-driven infrastructure to a software-based model using software-defined networking (SDN), micro-segmentation, network function virtualization and 5G-MEC (multi-access edge computing).

Impact of 5G in Cloud Computing on Other Fields

Merging 5G in Cloud Computing technologies allows enrichment of capacity, functionality as well as flexibility of several industries, especially for cloud businesses themselves.

This will bring about several investment opportunities for cloud businesses. Compiling a list of how Integration of 5G in Cloud Computing will benefit some innovations will include,

Industrial IoT (IIoT): In industrial applications like supply chain management and process manufacturing, the main task is based on analyzing the massive amount of sensor data in real-time that will deliver valuable insights to manage cost and efficiency. And 5G in Cloud Computing possesses the potential to reduce the cost of Big Data analysis.

Edge Computing: Integration of 5G in Cloud Computing affects the performance of mobile and remote devices in a big way. Remote systems like location tracking apps, voice assistants and even home automation systems will utilize 5G to transfer a massive amount of data with ten times faster speed than 4G networks.

Streaming Data and Analytics: As the existing Big Data processing technology leverages cloud infrastructure to support the storage requirements of its essential analytic data, it faces major challenges related to latency with current wireless networks. After the successful integration of 5G networks in Cloud Computing, these streaming challenges will be minimized greatly.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): 5G in Cloud Computing also enhance the quality of VR and AR applications, especially in industries of retail, travel, healthcare, etc.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP): With the craze of AI and NLP rising every day, these technologies require storage as well as an efficient network to process and manage its huge data. Merging 5G in Cloud Computing will enable the required level of data transmission for AI- and NLP-based apps to work effectively.


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