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Impact of Next Generation Firewalls

In our previous article, we examined the factors leading up to the transformation of legacy security systems. However, the story does not end there. In more ways than one, the Next Generation Firewall has brought about an unusual marriage between network and security. The proceeding ripple effect has affected service delivery models and organization hierarchies. However before looking deeper into the impact of NGF, it is worth touching upon the challenges involved in migrating to this technology.


Though extensibility is a key feature of NGF technology, it comes at a price – capital expenditure in integration with IT infrastructure, such as active user directory, etc. The constitution of this capital investment is typically software design analysis, that must precede any implementation. In addition, to maximize the gains of the NGF, an organizational survey for granular access policies might be necessary. Network Expert Vinay Kumble adds, ‘You would need to review your IT security policies to understand dos and don’ts or maybe plugin additional dos and don’ts.

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