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In India, SMEs are increasingly embracing cloud computing for its efficiency

Punit Thakkar
Punit Thakkar, CEO, Shivaami

As businesses regardless of their size are opting Cloud to their IT strategy. Cloud providers new customized and attractive offerings are also spectating new dimensions to log successful business goals. Shivaami, a premier partner of Google Cloud in India has early tapped the potential of cloud in India and is now zealously migrating its clients to this virtualized ecosystem. Snowballing vigorously, Shivaami now provides cloud service of IBM Verse, Office 365, and IceWarp.

In an action-packed grill, Punit Thakkar, CEO, Shivaami cornerstones on the company’s buoyant business strategies and its offering to make cloud ubiquitous across Indian businesses. Edited Excerpts.    

Cloud’s coveted business model offerings are attracting substantial customer-base. What are your key business models and GTM strategies to cater into the indigenous market?

Today, cloud services are catching pace and are transforming the business models of companies worldwide—from small startups and medium-size firms to large multinational enterprises. We strongly believe that the coming year would belong to cloud computing and tier-2 cities will play an important role in driving cloud-led business growth in the country. In the long run, everyone will move to the cloud be it a public or private organization.

When it comes to our go-to-market strategy, we believe in providing the best in class services and participating actively with customers. To increase our customer portfolio, we keep conducting special events to make organizations aware of new/latest technologies coming into the market. In terms of long-term strategy, we are primarily focused on B&C class cities where the penetration of cloud computing has now started increasing.

How is Shivaami helping the SMEs ecosystem to adopt cloud?

Today’s small enterprises hold tomorrow’s big businesses. In India, cloud computing has been maturing and is helping SMEs to expand constantly in business and reach. They are adopting cloud computing for sweeping innovation and reshaping an existing industry. As we are aware that India sporting the highest growth rate among the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) market in the Asia region, we as a cloud service provider educate C-suite executives about cloud and its various aspects which can be beneficial to the business.

Primarily the market targeted by Shivaami and the plans to expand your market footprint?

Since our inception, we are targeting SMEs as they are growing at a much faster pace than the large enterprises. In India, SMEs are increasingly embracing cloud computing for its efficiency. In particular, cloud reduces the maintenance cost, improves productivity, provides scalability, and most importantly takes care of on-demand provisioning of resources. In the future, we are planning to strengthen our footprint outside metros in order to reach out to untapped SMB customers. We even conduct various events across the country, mainly in metro cities, to demonstrate how organizations can use cloud to accomplish more with less. 

India’s vigorous growing business ecosystem is attracting many global players to offer cloud solution in the market. How competitive is your offerings and what is the USP that keeps Shivaami the first-choice for customers.

We don’t believe in competition instead we keep pace with our customers by catering customize services they asked for, thereby helping them to grow faster. We act as a consultant and help them to be up-to-date with all the new technologies penetrating in the cloud market. Shivaami is different because not only does it allow companies to measure and quantify the benefits of cloud, but also helps in migrating to cloud hassle-free. Also, we offer unique services with the help of young team of skilled engineers and freshers passionate about cloud. We have a group of specialists who takes care of our innovation empowered proficient administrations.  We believe in 3 mantras – Best Support, Easy Migration and Customer Success.

In addition, we follow a strict work ethics and believe in giving both customers and representatives more than they anticipate. 

What are your expansion plans in India, and your localization strategy for regional markets?

Apart from SMBs mentioned previously, we are planning to target B&C class cities where the infiltration of cloud computing has now begun expanding. Also, we will be opening new branches in the metropolitan cities like Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata in the coming year.


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