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Indian LED Market is Still Booming and Not Matured Yet

Lawrence Lin
Lawrence Lin | General Manager | MLS

After successfully acquiring, general lighting business unit of Osram, LEDvance – MLS, thereafter has been high-flier in global LED market. With constant innovation in its mammoth R&D facility and ever-growing portfolio, MLS has prudently managed to tap the potential of the LED market.

India power demands are growing dynamically, the need for power-efficient LEDs to light up the country seems to be the only rational discussion for public and private entities.

MLS has a strong foothold in the Indian LED market, to that contrast Niloy Banerjee from Bis Infotech had a power-pack dialogue with Lawrence Lin | General Manager | MLS on the company’s position in the Indian market and their ahead strategies on-looking on their disruptive technologies. Edited Excerpts.

  1. How you see Indian LED market maturing, what scopes does it keep for companies like MLS Co. Ltd. (Forest Lighting)?

Indian LED market is still booming and not matured yet.  MLS Co. Ltd will still focus on supplying quality LED packages for the local manufacturers.

  1. As the applications of LEDs get more diverse, which key sectors are on MLS prime focus?

MLS will still focus on supplying LED packages and be a good partner for local manufacturers in India.

  1. What are the latest offerings and product portfolio of MLS?

2835(1W 9V) is our main product at the moment.

  1. The automobile industry in India is prodigious, with most cars using automotive LED lighting. How MLS Co. LTD. (Forest Lighting) sketch this sector?

MLS will keep watch closely, although LED lighting for automotive in India is still rare. 

  1. The Government of India launched an initiative in 2016 to replace conventional lights by LED lights by deploying 770 million bulbs and 35 million street lights by 2019. With this humongous potential, where would MLS position itself in the Indian market?

As aforementioned, MLS will still be a good partner to the bid winners, and won’t participate the tenders directly.

  1. MLS turned heads by acquiring OSRAM making one of the biggest acquisitions in the LED history? How has been the alliance in terms of fostering new market verticals, product portfolio and generating consolidated revenues?

LEDvance will keep enhance its branding and marketing all over the world, and MLS will do its best to provide LEDvance more and more competitive products and support.

  1. What will be the strategies of MLS in 2018 to further rev-up the brand in global platform?

In addition to what above-mentioned in No.6, for MLS, we will still expand our capacity for LED filaments and RGB displays (signages).

  1. What are the trends in LEDs which will edify the LEDs market in 2018?

We foresee filament bulbs and related products will be another booster in LED market in 2018, especially in North America and Europe.

  1. Though LEDs have hit the mainstream, is price still a concern for its majority acceptance in the Indian market?

Although the tender price is quite affordable in India now, we still think price is still a concern for Indians because consumers here are so price sensitive.

  1. The LED industry has been undergoing a radical transformation fuelled by rapid improvisation in semiconductor technology as well as the demand for energy-efficient and sustainable solutions. How is MLS positioned to tap the ‘Smart Lighting’ revolution?

Smart lighting still needs so many consolidations from technologies, protocols, applications, we are also learning now.  Besides, it’s also highly related to consumers’ living practice change.

  1. The market for wireless smart lighting systems is also emerging strongly? How does MLS look into this market?

It’s growing, but not strongly.  Keep watching.

  1. LED market is maturing and many players are squeezing their heads to take the bite? How MLS strategize to be ahead of their competitors?

Since MLS is the biggest LED package company in the world, we will dedicate ourselves to improve every details to provide the most competitive products to our customers and help them fulfil their any potentials.


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