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India’s 1st End-to-End IoT Service Provider

With the launch of its own IoT devices designed and manufactured in India, Aeris has become 1st Indian end-to-end IoT Service Provider. It has already started manufacturing of IoT devices at Noida and the first sets of 10,000 devices are already available in the market for commercial launch from 20th July 2022.

IOT-AERISIndia’s enterprise adoption of IoT is growing at significant rate. The size of the Indian industrial IoT market is anticipated to increase between 2020 and 2026 at a CAGR of 15.5%. However, businesses still face challenges related to legacy infrastructure, connectivity standards, and high deployment costs.

Therefore, increased efforts are being made to improve the infrastructure by using their global knowledge and selection of IoT goods and services. IoT providers are assisting businesses with their digital transformation, including automation. India is a hive of IoT provider potential, and the nation’s

IoT ecosystem is anticipated to keep expanding to generate entirely new sources of income. Aeris Communications offers businesses with intelligent IoT cellular connections, security, dependability, and support to simplify and streamline IoT operations at scale by leveraging their nearly three decades of IoT knowledge and experience. Further, Aeris plans to introduce more models by adding features with minor hardware changes, which will give the company an advantage over others and diversify solutions for their customers. The company has device strategy and roadmap to enhance their capabilities to build many other IoT products like BMS, battery chargers, and many more such devices in the coming future.

Dr Rishi Bhatnagar, President, Aeris Communications, commented, “At Aeris, we aspire to serve our customers better and scale our business model to meet the ever-growing global demands. The manufacturing of IoT devices is our first step to tackle few of many existing challenges of secure and indigenous smart devices. With the launch of Aeris AIS140 certified IoT devices manufactured in India, we have reduced our dependency on imports. Our expertise in providing comprehensive verticalized IoT solutions, services and now certified IoT devices will help transform the dream of ‘Digital India’ to ‘Make In India, Make for the World’ vision! Our endeavour is to introduce many more innovative models especially in the growing electric vehicle and battery space with Battery Management System, Battery Swapping Management System, and so on in the coming future.”


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