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Indium Experts to Present at ICEHET in Toronto

Zhang is the manager of the alloy group in Indium Corporation’s R&D department.

Indium Corporation experts HongWen Zhang, R&D manager, alloy group, and Ronald Lasky, senior technologist, will be giving presentations at SMTA’s International Conference for Electronics Hardware Enabling Technologies (ICEHET) in Toronto, Ontario, June 14-15.

Indium ICEHETAs thermal demands continue to grow for high-performance computing chips, traditional polymer-based thermal interface materials (TIMs) – such as greases and phase change materials – are reaching their limits for use.

Their relatively low thermal conductivity means they are not able to dissipate enough heat for these emerging applications.

In Lasky’s presentation, Gallium Liquid Metal: Fundamentals to Enable Development of Ultra-High Performance Thermal Interface Materials, he will explore some of the critical properties of gallium alloys and how they affect the performance and usability as a TIM.

In his presentation, A Drop-In High-Temperature Pb-Free Solder Paste Outperforms High-Pb Pastes in Power Discrete Applications, Zhang examines a new formulation of Indium Corporation’s innovative material Durafuse™—a novel design based on a mixed-alloy technology—designed to deliver an Sn-rich HTLF paste, presenting the merits of both constituent alloys.

This product, Durafuse™ HT, has shown the feasibility as a drop-in solution to replace high-Pb solders for die-attach in power discrete applications by delivering improved performance.

Lasky is a senior technologist at Indium Corporation, as well as a professor of engineering at Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H., the U.S. He has more than 30 years of experience in electronics and optoelectronics packaging at IBM, Universal Instruments, and Cookson Electronics.

Lasky was awarded the Surface Mount Technology Association’s (SMTA) Technical Distinction Award in 2021 for his “significant and continuing technical contributions to the SMTA.” He was also awarded SMTA’s prestigious Founder’s Award in 2003.

Zhang is the manager of the alloy group in Indium Corporation’s R&D department. His focus is on the development of Pb-free solder materials and the associated technologies for high-temperature and high-reliability applications.

He was instrumental in inventing the mixed-alloy solder technique to combine the merits of constituents to improve wetting, reduce processing temperatures, modify the bonding surface, and control the joint’s morphology, thus improving reliability.


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